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NOW CLOSED Talk to Aldi about shopping for Christmas bargains and be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher

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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 06-Nov-12 16:43:55

Aldi are gearing up for Christmas with loads of bargains on their website - they'd love Mumsnetters to check out what's on offer then come back to this thread and give their feedback. Please visit the website here.

Are you an Aldi shopper already? If so, are you planning to do your full Xmas shop there, or will you pick up specific bits and pieces from there? What's the best bargain you've ever picked up from Aldi?

If you've never shopped at Aldi before, why? Is there anything on the website that has convinced you to give it a go?

Also, Aldi would love to hear your top tips on how to bag a Christmas bargain, or any other genius money-saving tips you have, so please do share here.

Everyone who posts their comments on this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 voucher to spend in store.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 06-Nov-12 20:11:38

Where is the fresh goose advertised?

nottersgotterdog Tue 06-Nov-12 20:17:37

I absolutely love Aldi, have done for about four years. They are amazing for all sorts of things - their meat is lovely, I adore their Norpak butter, their Pinot Grigio, their frozen fruit, their continental meats etc, plus they are miles cheaper on the basics.

I have the app on my phone, and check what's coming up on offer. I have already bought my children the puppets from last week - their Absolute favourite presents last year (which included a wii) were the Dalmatian and crocodile puppet. The whole family has the walking boots, DH has the golf stuff, I bought all the camping stuff, need I go on ?

I love the fruit and veg offers, they encourage you to eat what's in season. In fact I should be an ambassador for them, I have converted so many people!

I will do what I have done for the last few years, buy all my veg, wine, chocs, Christmas drinks, cheese, treats, from there (and still probably spend 50% less than in Tesco or Sainsburys!


TotallyEggFlipped Tue 06-Nov-12 20:17:41

We used to live right next door to an Aldi and we got most of our Christmas food from there last year. On the whole it was fantastic. We also got some great gifts.
We've moved and don't have a local Aldi, but I'll probably make a trip to get some of the christmas treats we loved last year.

BetsyBlingtastic Tue 06-Nov-12 21:03:22

Our Christmas bird is going to be the Aldi four bird roast which is so tender and delish - already in our freezer. I wish they stocked organic meat.

I like stocking up on Aldi choc and surfing their bargain bin aisles. Got four pairs of kitchen scissors for £2.50 recently and a couple of lovely cheap pot plants. I buy their dishwasher tabs as they are a Which? best buy.

Tip for Christmas bargain hunting is to keep your eyes peeled for bargains all year round, starting in the January sales. I've just today bought a "case" of wine for relatives by trawling an online supermarket website and choosing 12 really nice bottles, some £12 each, and got them all half price.

I get the Aldi email that alerts you to specials.

GwennieF Tue 06-Nov-12 21:25:16

I LOVE Aldi, I do just about all of my shopping there. The fruit and veg is brilliant - especially the 5 that are on special every week. The veg we have with each meal are generally based around what is on offer.

The cooked meat section is great, I love that there are some more unusual things on offer,the smoky polish sausages for instance and the ham at £1.79 is fantastic - does all our packed lunches for the week.

Ultimate chipolatas are my son's favourite food and the quality of the meat overall is very good - apart from the stewing beef, which for some reason, regardless of how I cook it is never tender (I get mine from Asda instead now).

My absolutely favourite thing from Aldi though is the Gluhwein - its like a hug in a glass!

41notTrendy Tue 06-Nov-12 21:31:19

notters I've just downloaded the app! Brilliant.

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Tue 06-Nov-12 21:52:17

I used to shop at Aldi once a week however I now have a food delivery either from Tesco or an independent local supplier.
The main reason I returned to online shopping is we are very rural so actually going shopping takes up half a day and it was eating into the weekend.

I tend to visit Aldi about once a month. I love their cooked meats, chocolate, wine and lots of the frozen stuff.
I do get their email every week and if something leaps out at me I will try and get there - for example this week I want to buy the ingredients fro my Christmas cake so I will try and make time to visit Aldi

If they did online shopping I would happily shop there every week. The only drawback to shopping there is DH's love of the stuff that we reallly don't need in the center aisles

mamijacacalys Tue 06-Nov-12 21:58:08

Shop at Aldi weekly - main food shop.
Favourites are the four bird roast, deli stuff, crisps and crackers.
At Christmas, the stollen bites and other sweet treats are also popular here.
Didn't realise they were online so am off to investigate their site.

Pooka Tue 06-Nov-12 22:10:56

I've never been but recently looked up nearest store on store locator. Is 5 miles away, so am tempted, but have many other shops (sainsburys, waitrose, tesco) closer so would need to be a good deal to make the longer travel worthwhile.

I've never shopped there before because I'm lazy! Also wasn't really sure what kind of a shop it was, whether it was another lidl, or what the quality of the products might be like. But times are hard (for many)and I'm economising like crazy and seeing the prices of some of the Christmas meats (particularly gammon) I am more drawn to the shop.

Re: Christmas bargains, I've come to the conclusion that you need to think ahead. If you spot something on at a good price in October (obviousy thinking more present/long lasting products here) then snap it up then rather than putting it off until nearer the time. if its nearer Christmas it may be more expensive or just plain sold out!

Money saving tips - am new to menu planning and it's kinda reinventing the wheel (feel like everyone else does this already) but my god it makes a difference. It's quite liberating really to be planning ahead rather than panic buying and ending up with wasted food - for environmental, ethical as well as economic reasons.

MonsterBookOfTyFawkes Tue 06-Nov-12 22:13:01

I tend to shop at Aldi more at Christmas, I like the Irish cream, desserts and toys occassionally.
I do buy dd's nappies from there every other week smile

nottersgotterdog Tue 06-Nov-12 22:14:44

41 - glad to hear it wink

northender Tue 06-Nov-12 22:15:54

I shop at Aldi . Like the no frills approach and the lack of choice! The quality of the food is excellent. We buy mince pies every year and other bits and pieces. Buy meat from local butcher but if that choice wasn't available I'd happily buy from Aldi

MikeLitoris Tue 06-Nov-12 22:26:02

I have never shopped at aldi.

I have only been in the local one once and the shelves where practically empty.

I always see great things said about aldi here so it may be time to try again.

ScorpionQueen Tue 06-Nov-12 22:55:05

I like Aldi but have to drive to the nearest town so it's not always practical to shop there. I always pop in in the run up to Christmas to pick up nice cold meats and cheese, other nibbles and nice bits for Christmas. Their 4 bird roast looks great but I doubt it is very ethically produced, which is a shame. If wrong, Aldi, please feel free to correct me and I'll buy one. I'm happy to see a free range turkey at a fair price though,so will be getting one of them. smile

The website looks great so this year I will be buying even more from Aldi.

MrsHoarder Wed 07-Nov-12 05:46:05

I love Aldi, but because they don't sell joints most of the year I wouldn't have thought of going there to buy Christmas dinner. Unfortunately as we've decided to buy pheasant this year (only 2 adults) I won't be buying that there, but might make a trip for some of our "extras" as I love the quality of the nibbles etc for the price paid.

Merrylegs Wed 07-Nov-12 08:45:53

I'd like to to shop in Aldi - always hear great things about it and am v tempted by the Xmas goodies as have a German mother and therefore a German Christmas.

But my nearest store is not very near.

Actually it must be the same one as MegBussett's and the tale of parking woes has seriously put me off. I loathe supermarkets where you have to jump through hoops to shop there. (Same reason I don't go to ASDA. A pound for the trolley, plus it stops when it leaves the carpark anyway. Just give me the bloody trolley and let me shop!)

However I do want some yummy biscuits. And gingerbread houses. And nice facecream. And cheap choc. So I might brave Aldi this weekend and see if I can accept the trek to get there and the faff to park for the privilege of being able to put the shopping that I have given Aldi money for, in the car.

Christmas bargain? Value crackers - never spend more than £2.99 a box. All a cracker needs is a hat, a bad joke and a fortune telling fish.

FrillyMilly Wed 07-Nov-12 08:57:29

I shop at aldi every week. I have been stocking up on Christmas treats every week to try and spread the cost and will probably do most of my Christmas food shop there. The stollen from aldi is the nicest I've ever had and non of the other supermarket ones come close. The mince pies are delicious too.

There's so many bargains from aldi. This year I got a steam cleaner for £15 that has been well worth the money. The stocking filler toys have also been great.

To pick up a Christmas bargain my tip would be to pick up things all year round. Everyone is on Christmas bargain watch at the moment so often the discounted items go really fast.

WheresMyCow Wed 07-Nov-12 08:59:06

I love Aldi and do most of my weekly shop will do most of my Christmas shop there too! We just go to other places if we need a little bit more variety or if Aldi hasn't got what we went for.

Their mince pies are the best and my DH loves the stollen bites. They always have such a good variety of different foods in as weekly offers but also a really good variety of every day items too. Some of their deli meats are gorgeous.

Have had so many bargains over the years that it's hard to pick just one but they do a gorgeous Belgian Milk Chocolate Cheesecake - it is frozen so you have to plan in advance but is well worth the wait.

Top tips - plan what you want to but and stick to it, and don't buy everything for Christmas all in one go as you will end up paying more.

InMySpareTime Wed 07-Nov-12 09:36:09

I get some things from Aldi, but can't do a main shop as their dairy-free selection is too limited for my family. What they do well is "luxury" items that look great for little cost. I usually get teacher presents in Aldi, and stocking fillers.
DH gets the weekly email and picks up odd bits on the way back from work, I tend to go when I'm in town, and pick up whatever catches my eye. The gluhwein was nice, and the beer selection is good.
My Christmas bargain tips are:
Make a list early, and stick to it.
Buy for children, not for adults.
Make your own crackers filled with confiscated party bag tat from earlier in the year.
Hide presents in houses of childless friends.
Make as many presents as you can, look in shops for ideas thoughgrin.
Avoid shops in the last half of December, it should all be done by then (although late Christmas Eve there are supermarket bargains aplenty if you aren't holding out for anything specific).

ThePortlyPinUp Wed 07-Nov-12 09:36:34

We love our local Aldi as we can actually do a whole weeks shopping there without needing to go to another other shops, we tried Lidl but couldn't get everything we needed in one shop.

We will be stocking up on the fruit juices (for Christmas cocktails) alcohol, the chocolate santas, chocolate coins as well as the usual items such as mince pies, gateaux, and cheesecakes.

My best buy is the dishwasher tablets, we buy the which recommended ones which are better than the leading brands imo, they really save us money throughout the year.

prakattack Wed 07-Nov-12 09:37:44

I'm a recent convert to Aldi after doing an "experiment shop" earlier in the year - bought absolutely everything there rather than tesco/ branded to see which products we would use again, and which not. There were only two or three things we weren't happy to continue buying and now I do nearly all my shopping there. I still need to top-up at Tesco unfortunately but am saving loads! My kids love the fact I can treat them to blueberries, strawberries, kiwis, mangoes etc so much more regularly!
My best bargain was my son's birthday party - that week I bought food and drink for 15 3 yr olds, and nibbles for the parents, and spent the same as i used to spend at Tesco on a weekly shop without the party stuff! So effectively did his party for free!!
Their Christmas range looks great and I'll definitely be stocking up on treats, chocs, cheeses, cold meats etc as their range is always lovely. I'll be getting a turkey from the butchers but everything else for Christmas dinner will come from there especially the veggies!

lubeybooby Wed 07-Nov-12 09:39:27

I'd love to go to Aldi more but I don't drive and it's the supermarket furthest away from me, so any savings would be eaten up in travel costs there and back. I've been in there in the past though and think it's really good value. Never had a bad item from there.

As for xmas bargains I keep an eye out for amazon lightning deals, and if I'm shopping online I always google discount codes first, or sign up to a stores email newsletter, as they usually give you a 10% or 20% off if you do that. I usually get a few things in the sales after xmas too and save them for the next year

mumnosbest Wed 07-Nov-12 09:44:33

Lots of good deals here but no Aldi near me sad I used to shop there a lot but my nearest is a few miles away along a very busy road sad

mummymccar Wed 07-Nov-12 09:56:39

I love Aldi and shop there regularly. Already bought chocolate coins and chocolate Santa etc as last year I paid much more at Thorntons and the Aldi ones I was given were much nicer as well as being cheaper.

Ideally I'd love to buy everything from Aldi but they don't stock enough vegetarian food so we are forced to go elsewhere. If they started doing more veggie food then we'd buy there every week.

The weekly deals are great too - I've bought a few gifts from there already.

Bargain tips: the bargainous gifts thread in the Christmas topic is fantastic. Nearly finished and I haven't gone over budget this year! I've actually saved about half and my credit card balance is nil!

glenthebattleostrich Wed 07-Nov-12 09:56:51

We'll be going to Aldi to get our extra christmas bits, mince pies, peanuts and the like. Also the wine, fantastic prices not that i have ever told DH that I've been to M&S to get red wine when it is really from Aldi at half the price

I'm a fairly recent convert and love the place. Pop in regularly for milk and bread and end up spending far to much!!

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