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NOW CLOSED: Nominate a MNer to receive flowers - and talk about flowers with The Flower Council

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 01-Oct-12 09:51:03

We've been asked by the team at The Flower Council to get your nominations for which Mumsnetter you'd like them to send a bouquet of flowers to and why.

The company are keen to get folks thinking of flowers as a gift to cheer someone up, to say hello or just because you want to - rather than being for special occasions.

They also want to get folks thinking about what their friends favourite flower may be - they say "The aim of the Favourite Flower campaign is to show that a flower is not just a present (and not just a bouquet of flowers), but a special present, because when you know or try to think about what flower is your friends favourite then it makes the present very personal and special".

So please on this thread add your nomination for a MNer who you think would appreciate a bunch of flowers - it could be anyone (not yourself though!) - and what flower you think they would like. We will decide on the final winners and contact 3 MNers for their address and then The Flower Council will send them the flowers! (worth c£30 each)

We'd also like you to post your thoughts below on flowers - for example.......
~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.
~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.
~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?

Share your thoughts on this thread and don't forget your nomination.

thanks MNHQ

PS They have also developed a very lighthearted game - check it out here and let us know what you think - it's designed to identify your Favourite Flower and if you can guess your friends you could both win a FREE bouquet.

UnChartered Mon 01-Oct-12 10:09:22

Nagoo and i'd like to send her some stargazer lillies

for the MOOG threads


LadySybildeChocolate Mon 01-Oct-12 10:13:53

Weggiemum would love some roses. She's been very unwell, and needs cheering up.


dinkystinky Mon 01-Oct-12 10:32:46

Aitch - she's a lovely voice of reason and deserves some bright and cheering gerberas

We buy flowers for our house once or twice a month, flowers for family and friends for special occasions.

WowOoo Mon 01-Oct-12 10:48:15

I get given them on my birthday or special occasions.
It was so nice after the children were born adn the house was full of them.

I send them to relatives for special occasions - wedding anniversary or birthdays.

I choose whatever looks nice and with the advice from the florist. For one friend i choose colours that will coordinate with her kitchen.

I know one friend loves lilies for the smell. Another one loves gerberas for the colours. My mum used to love roses.

I nominate mrz for all the education advice she has given over the years on mumsnet. Above and beyond the call of duty.

BigStickBIWI Mon 01-Oct-12 10:51:32

I'm very lucky, in that my DH buys me flowers regularly. He likes them around the house as much as I do, and they add lovely colour and (sometimes) fragrance.

I send flowers for birthdays and special occasion,s and try to match colour and style (e.g. modern/old fashioned) to the person I'm sending them to. The actual flowers I'm less bothered about, although I avoid carnations and chrysanthemums, because those are two that I'm less keen on.

I'd like to nominate two MNetters - sorry Ann! - RatherBeOnThePiste and KnottyLocks for all the work they do coordinating the knitting and crochet projects for the MN blankets. I'd like to send them both something classic and classy like creamy white roses.

LadySybildeChocolate Mon 01-Oct-12 10:57:35

Darn, I forgot about that part.

No one ever buys me flowers. If I want them, I have to buy them myself. I love Sweet Peas; they smell great and the petals are beautiful. I send flowers to my mother, she's so far away it's difficult to send her anything else. I don't like daffodils as they smell of wee.

gazzalw Mon 01-Oct-12 11:19:01

I nominate Couthymow (or whatever her derivative moniker is at the moment!) as she seems to have to lead quite a frugal life with little spare money so she could probably do with a flower pick-me-up.

I am not good at giving DW flowers though and I think she would really appreciate some - she's a yellow rose lover - so this will spur me into going and getting her some nice ones from M&S.

She does always say that if she were to come into money it's the luxury that she would be most keen in indulging!

5inthebed Mon 01-Oct-12 11:19:08

I would like Peachy to get some bright and cheerful flowers as she is always so bright and cheerful and calm on threads and in real life. She is such an amazing woman, so patient. She has 4 DC, 3 with SN and always makes time for her friends and their problems.

Me on the other hand, I never get flowers unless I buy them myself. My favourite flower is a fuchsia pink gerbera, so pretty. I also like brightly coloured tulips.

I usually buy flowers to cheer people up or to say thank you. When my DFIL died I bought MIL flowers every week for about three months. Always bright coloured flowers as I think they brighten up anything.

gazzalw Mon 01-Oct-12 11:20:45

Oh forgot the bit about what type of flowers Couthymow would like - a vibrant, fragranced, colourful mixed bouquet.

craftynclothy Mon 01-Oct-12 11:29:27

I'd like to nominate both of these RatherBeOnThePiste and KnottyLocks too please for organising all the WoollyHugs stuff.

How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.
I very rarely get flowers, mainly because I have hayfever and they make it worse. We used to buy a bunch every couple of weeks pre-kids to brighten the house. Now I tend to go for plants and have to buy them myself hmm.

Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?
No, I always feel I can get something more personal for the same price or less.

Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.
I tend to go for plants rather than flowers as I think they last longer. I tend to choose something that's a nice colour. Around Xmas I'd tend to pick something associated with Xmas.

Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?
No idea confused

Spirael Mon 01-Oct-12 11:57:03

Completely different situation here... As well known television personalities advise, I have been utilising flowers recently to try and persuade reluctant buyers to choose my house over the one up the road. It doesn't seem to be helping.

I'd like to nominate CuddyMum, who is also trying to sell her house, to save her one bunch of expense and hopefully help her woo a good offer! Even if that doesn't work, at least having nice flowers to look at will hopefully ease some of the house selling stress.

Since her DC are older so pollen shouldn't be a problem, and having seen the advertisement for her house, I'd suggest something elegant like white lilies.

As for the questions... I buy flowers whenever I have house viewings booked. wink Rarely otherwise. DH occasionally buys me flowers, but it's always random and unexpected rather than for a specific occasion, which I love!

I rarely send flowers as a gift, but I often take them with me as a gift when I'm visiting family. I tend to consider safety primarily. i.e. Lillies would be a bad idea for houses with small children/certain pets, and sometimes people have allergies or hay fever to certain flowers.

Wigeon Mon 01-Oct-12 12:09:04

I nominate tiktok or phr47bridge for the hours they spend, out of the goodness of their hearts, on the breast/bottlefeeding and education threads respectively, giving advice based on their expert knowledge. They don't have to do it, but they do, and probably thousands of people have benefited from it.

For type of flowers, maybe tiktok could have a selection of baby pink and baby blue colours, and phr47bridge seems very matter of fact, so some sort of arrangement which was nice and straightforward and not at all fancy!

The questions:

~ How often you get given them or buy them for yourself, what you love about flowers, any variety you dislike, what it means to you to get flowers or to send them.

I love buying or getting flowers - they cheer up a house, they remind you of the person who gave them to you. The only ones I don't like totally are lilies, because I inevitably get some indelible pollen on my clothes. But I like the way they look and smell, so I buy them anyway!

~ Do you routinely send them as a gift and if so what prompts you to do this?

I do, as a happy birthday or thank you gift usually.

~ Do you pick which flower to send to which friend - is this based on colours, fragrances, time of year or what you think they like.

I do base the type of bouquet on the person I'm sending it to - usually whether I think they'd prefer a traditional arrangement / flower selection/ colours, or a more modern one.

~ Do you know / or do you think you know what your best friends favourite flower is? How do you know? What about your family - what do they like?

I don't actually know! I know my mum doesn't like lilies for the staining pollen reason, and I think she thinks they are symbolic of death.

Flimflammery Mon 01-Oct-12 12:10:35

I nominate UnlikelyAmazonian and her DS. They have a tough time ahead of them and flowers might give them a lift.

SamsGoldilocks Mon 01-Oct-12 12:12:51

I would like to nominate the woolly hugs team too -the amount of work and effort that goes into each blanket is quite inspiring.
They deserve an exotic bunch of flame lilies and ginger in wild exotic colours.

I'd also nominate AnyFucker for her unstinting support to those in need and her dry sense of humour. She's one of the first mner's I noticed and she helps to make the talk boards alive for me.She would surely benefit from something a little bit fifteenth maybe some proteas. Nothing too soft.

I rarely buy flowers - too much month at the end of my money but I love to get them. I rather like a blowsy gladioli or lovely wild flowers.

SamsGoldilocks Mon 01-Oct-12 12:13:34

Different not fifteenth.

annh Mon 01-Oct-12 12:24:25

I think flowery should get some flowers (unintentional similarity there!) because she gives such informed, expert, impartial advice on the employment threads and is the voice of reason (and legislation!) when all around her are re-writing employment law based on what they would like it to be or what they think they read in the Daily Mail or what their best friend\s mum once told them smile. I'm afraid I have no idea what kind of flower she would like - something long-lasting because she works from home sometimes so she could get maximum pleasure from looking at them.

For me, I am always buying flowers (of the supermarket variety, I'm afraid!) and usually have some in the house. I occasionally receive flowers and it's the loveliest treat when I do. My all-time favourites are Stargazer Lilies and I don't care if it is a bit obvious! Otherwise, I love gerbera, sunflowers, thistles and some roses. Not keen on chrysanthemums or carnations.

I love buying them for other people, luckily I work in an industry where there is quite a bit of flower-giving and although it's not my job to buy them, I usually can't resist interfering contributing to the process. I do think about what flowers to send to people but having lived in the Netherlands for some years, I know that people there are more quided by the florist and what is in season, so tend to take that into account now too. After all, they're the experts!

whistlestopcafe Mon 01-Oct-12 12:30:54

I agree with annh for the same reasons.

whattodoo Mon 01-Oct-12 12:32:01

Oh yes, the WoollyHugs team (ratherbeonthePiste & Knottylocks). I'm sure that they'd appreciate something highly scented and traditional. Some roses, or freesias or lilacs?
I generally get given flowers on valentine's day. I wish it were more often, and that my DP took some sort of notice of the flowers I like!
I try to buy some for myself about once a month. Generally something that's on special offer, I like small headed flowers rather than show-offy types.
My absolute favourite are daffodils - a sign of spring, fresh and colourful and remind my of my Welsh Grandfather.
I dislike lillies - they drop unattractively and I don't like the scent.
I generally give flowers or a plant arrangements for my mother's birthday and for her Christmas gift - she has everything else and I know she loves receiving flowers. I feel a bit bad about my lack of imagination though.
When sending flowers (births, illness, birthdays etc), I try to think about what sort of flowers I think the recipient likes, and what would co-ordinate with her home or suit the ocassion.
My best friend doesn't like cut flowers, she feels they should be left to live in the garden where everyone can appreciate them. the only exception she will allow is for her funeral!

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Mon 01-Oct-12 12:34:17

PurplePidjin, because she is expecting a LittlePidjin and (like so many other Mumsnetters) she is so helpful and generous with her time and advice on the Arts and Crafts board.
I think she'd like purple lissianthus or something scented like stock or lilies.

I love flowers and in the winter I buy them at least twice a month, in the summer I try and make sure I grow lots of flowers suitable for cutting.

I love being given flowers but it doesn't happen often, when I am given them I am always delighted

The only cut flower I'm not keen on is orange lilies, the type with brown splodges on it- oh and I don't like the dyed flowers you sometimes see (chrsyanths that have been dyed blue)

If I am sending flowers as a gift I always try and match it to their likes/dislikes. My mum loves orchids but can't have anything highly scented in the house so if I am ordering flowers I always specify no lilies.
My sister likes reds and oranges, one of my best friends likes old fashioned flowers like sweet peas and anemones. I also have a friend who hates receiving flowers, if anyone gives her some she takes them straight to her mum's grave as for some reason she can't bear to have them in the house.

yani Mon 01-Oct-12 12:36:39

I nominate ether PurplePidjin RatherBeOnThePiste and KnottyLocks

For their compassion, time, understanding and emotional support given to all the Woolly Hugs projects.

Without them, it would not happen. thanks

yani Mon 01-Oct-12 12:37:54

Ergocognito for her excellent and sage advice on the relationship boards.

yani Mon 01-Oct-12 12:45:37

CogitoErgoSometimes Oops.
As you were...

Pavlovthecat Mon 01-Oct-12 12:47:13

If I could give flowers to all the wonderful MNers who have given me support over the last few months, I would. BUt in the absence of being able to do that I would like to nominate thejoyfulpuddlejumper as she is going through similar to me at the moment and I am pretty sure she could do with some to help her along! What do I think she would like? Oh i don't know, let me think...probably a mixed bunch of big petalled flowers containing, red, orange, yellow oh sorry that is what i would like!

How often do you get flowers or buy them for yourself etc. - rarely for either. I am not hugely keen on cut flowers as they die. They look amazing and cheer a room up, but i prefer to have plants that can be kept for a long time, and remind you of a birthday, celebration, token of love, or just that it looked pretty. I do love flowers that are big and bright and bold though,lilies smell lovely and if they are not cream they are pretty too. Don't really like carnations.

Do you routinely send them as a gift? - I always send flowers to MIL as she has everything she wants but living in the desert cannot easily grow her own flowers, she really enjoys them. Used to always send them to my own mum too, she loved flowers.

Do you pick which flower to send to each friend - no. if I ever do give flowers to friends it is based on how cheap it is/what discounts they have!

Do you know what your best friend's favourite flower is - rose. Because she grows them in her front garden and back garden and always hassles her DH to buy them for her! family - not a clue!

PPPop Mon 01-Oct-12 12:50:19

Another vote here for ratherbeonthepiste and knottylocks

I send flowers now and then to my mum and sister. Mum had a difficult time recently nursing my nana through dementia and I sent her some flowers when nana went into a nursing home, as I know my mum was upset and it was in lieu of being able to give her a hug really, as I live so far away.

My husband gets me flowers sometimes, eg birthdays. It always feels like a treat. My MIL often sends me flowers on birthdays as well as they live abroad, which is very kind of her.

If I buy for myself I don't spend loads (especially with small children around). I like tulips, daffs and other spring flowers.

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