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NOW CLOSED: Talk to Young's about your favourite fish supper, or how to encourage your children to eat fish - you could win a Jamie book and vouchers!

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-May-12 10:59:09

You may have seen we've been working with Young's on promoting their range of frozen fish.

Young's say "The Jamie Oliver by Young's range - featuring MSC-certified pollock fish fingers and crispy salmon & pollock fishcakes - focuses on simple, delicious recipes that make fish meals accessible and affordable without compromising on the environment. Mumsnetters have already been great getting behind our twice-a-week challenge to see how easy it can be to meet government health recommendations to eat fish twice a week."

They'd now like to know from you your best ideas for quick and healthy midweek fish suppers - what is your favourite recipe for the family? Do you have any 'cheat methods' you can share with others for fish dishes, what fishy meals would you serve up if short of time? Also how do you encourage your children to eat fish? Or to eat fish more often? Do your children love or loath fish? Do they need to be coated in breadcrumbs or are they willing to try anything?

If you've recently tried one of the Young's range with your family - do let us know what you think.

Do share your tips, recipes and experiences on this thread - everyone who contributes will be entered into a prize draw where TWO winners will each get a copy of Jamie's Great Britain Cook Book (RRP £30) and £30 of vouchers for Young's Seafood (which can be spent in any major supermarket)

thanks. MNHQ

Vickikate Fri 18-May-12 11:18:23

BigBadBear try the fish pie from Jamie's Ministry of Food, it has no white sauce and is delicious and easy - just grate carrot, celery, and cheddar into a baking dish, add a finely chopped red chilli (if you like), some parsley, and the zest of a lemon, and your fish cut into chunks. Squeeze lemon juice over, add seasoning and some olive oil and mix everything together. Top with Mashed potato and bake. It's really fresh and zingy tasting.

Whenever I make mashed potatoes I make extra and use it for fish cakes with tinned tuna, parsley, spring onions, capers and mustard in. The children love them.

iwantavuvezela Fri 18-May-12 11:37:00

Fish pie goes down well in our house. I often get one of those fish pie mixes from Ocado, and add in extra salmon or other bits if I need to make a bigger dish. CHop up some small (cooked) baby pototoes, and any veg hanging around, (peas, sweetcorn work well, but if i have any left overs in the fridge these go in) cover in cheese sauce, and then cook for 20 mins. (Topped with mash as well). Everyone in our house loves this.

We also have salmon fillets often, steamed, baked, feta cheese on top, fresh mint, or just as it is. Served with mash/rice/sweet potatoe mash, and salad or spinach. One of my favourite dishes!

I always have some fish fingers in the freezer as easy meals for tea when my daughter has friends over.

I am probably the lone lover of mackerel, and love this on toast with thick slices of tomatoe.

Will sometimes if absolutely pushed for time, add some mayo to a tin of tuna and throw over some pasta.

I am happy to try different bits of fish that i see in our local fishmonger.

M&S sells a pack of calamari that i add to stirfries. Really easy, takes about 3-5 minutes in wok, then add stirfry and ready in 10 minutes.

Sushi is well loved in our house, and this is something i can make with my duaghter adding in bits of salmon.

Do you have any 'cheat methods' you can share with others for fish dishes, what fishy meals would you serve up if short of time? Also how do you encourage your children to eat fish?

My duaghter, husband and I all love fish, it is more that i need to buy it, order it online to make sure that we eat it regularly. I find generally fish easy to prepare and cook, however i find something like a fishpie easier to feed us all, as i can bulk it up with veg etc. Often some sole or other fillets barely fill us up!

We all like fish, and try as much as possible. I love shellfish, but other than buying some i usually save this for ordering when out ...

GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 18-May-12 11:51:32

My DC do like fish fingers/ breaded fish but also happily eat salmon fillets with pesto on top cooked in the oven and tinned-salmon sandwiches as well. Unfortunately they don't like potatoes so won't go near a fish cake unless it has breadcrumbs instead of mashed potato in it!

littleducks Fri 18-May-12 12:37:38

I have been promoting fish for dinner at home for the past month or so, mostly to dh, who is more of a PITA about eating fish than kids. This is due to a childhood of not eating fish so I am keen to get children in thehabit now.

We only eat scaled fish for religous reasons so would luike fish to be labelled better, ie. species name not just 'white fish fillets.'

Fish night is Wednesday at home as ds gets fish on friday for lunch at nurserry.

We have been working our way throughthe fish in the waitrose easy to cook range. Salmon mostly, its the best being with feta cheese, butter mint and lemon on top. This is what I grab on the way home as I a short of time.

I don't cheat, I tell everyone they are eating fish and thats dinner, end of discussion. I am not a complete cow though and make things they say they like and don't repeat things they don't. I adopted this method after realising ds was tucking into tuna sandwichs at nursery something he wouldnt contemplate at home, as they only offer one meal at a time with no choices.

DD loves fish, she surprises people, the guy in the fish and chip shop couldn't believe she wanted cod and chips, apparently the kids get junk off the kids meal normally. DS (and dh) are works in progress, they like certain things and are coming around to the idea of fish once a week without fail.

ginmakesitallok Fri 18-May-12 16:00:02

My kids love home-made fish fingers - haddock rather than cod. Just haddock fillet cut into strips, floured, egged and breadcrumbed with whatever herbs I happen to have and shallow fried. Always go down a treat

TwoIfBySea Fri 18-May-12 16:11:20

My dts (10) hate fish fingers and as they can't eat potato fish cakes are out.

I buy fresh fish when I can afford to (not often) and lightly dust with seasoned flour before pan frying. Simple but they love it. Seasonal veggies of whatever I've got. Dinner in well under 20 minutes.

I'd like there to be more availability in frozen fish without it covered in batter, breadcrumbs etc. I also don't buy from manufacturers who may fish in these waters but send said fish to Thailand etc. to be processed!

hpsaucy Fri 18-May-12 17:51:05

We love fish this our house.

Last night we had a lovely crab salad, tonight we have having herb crusted pollock with fries, peas and grilled tomatoes.

Our favourite is a seafood risotto.

I order my fish direct on the internet, it coming delivered in dry ice ready to put in freezer.

janx Fri 18-May-12 18:20:52

My two like fish and seafood
Mussels and chips
Mixed fish pie. Get pack from waitrose... Make a cheese sauce, too with mash or thinly sliced potatoes - in the oven for a bit yummy. We love salmon, prawns wink

Ohyoubadbadkitten Fri 18-May-12 18:38:51

I like Roasting veg like onions and tomatoes with some lemon quarters then putting some whole mackerel (filleted) on top and roasting til mackerel is just cooked. Yum!

TheLightPassenger Fri 18-May-12 18:39:59

My child is a fussy eater, he prefers fishfingers or tinned tuna.

I love fish, my ideal comfort meal would be a fillet of fresh fish, mash and peas or sweetcorn.

mrswee Fri 18-May-12 19:38:28

My family favorite is tuna fish pie - my mum's recipe, made up I think!

two tins of tuna, one pack puffed pastry, one pint home made white sauce or packet if you want to be quick, half a small pack of frozen peas 2/3 teaspoons of capers, salt and pepper to taste.

mix tuna, peas and capers into white sauce mix, add salt and pepper.

roll out puff pastry in to a square, place in medium size round pie dish, corners staill hanging over edge. pour on pie fillling and fold over the corners on top of the filling, they won't quite meet up and the pie filling will cook up through the gaps. place in oven @ 180 for half and hour. serve with new potatoes and salad. It's really quick if you do it from a packet sauce.

REALLY good cold the next day for lunches, goes a very long way!

nextphase Fri 18-May-12 20:14:49

We should eat more fish. Our toddler loves prawns......We probably don't manage once a week, however here are some of our recipes:

Toddlers absolute favourite is pasta and prawns - Put a pan of pasta on to boil, fry some onions til soft, then add some chopped (or tinned) tomatoes. Cook til reduced. Stir in some prawns (we usually have a bag in the freezer) and serve.

I also do fish pie like a lot of people seem to with white sauce, mixture of fish, but our differences are boiled eggs, and bread spread with butter on the top - it goes all crispy in the oven.

DH always does steamed fish - he adds spring onions, garlic and ginger to the
steamer to flavour things.

We have fish fingers in the freezer, but I don't tend to buy breaded / battered fish.

coffeewhitenosugar Fri 18-May-12 20:16:04

We love fish! The dd's (3 & 5) favourite is salmon parcels which is just salmon fillets parcelled up in puff pastry and baked for about 20-30 minutes - they wont eat many sauces so I don't add anything - just good old salmon and serve with fresh veggies and frozen (cooked) peas. They also love fish fingers and home made fishcakes - these can be made with fresh white fish, salmon or tinned tuna mashed with some cooked potato and if I have time coated in breadcrumbs. We also eat plain white fish fillets (no sauce!) with veggies of course and tuna and pasta for really quick meals. We also enjoy breaded or battered fish - M&S is good for no bones and in fact dd2 chose to have this for her 3rd birthday served with chips and peas! I've never had any problems getting them to eat fish but they did have it from a very young age.

jumpingjojo Fri 18-May-12 20:21:07

A salmon fillet done in foil in the oven with new potatoes and veg usually goes down well.
I also make a dairy free fish pie which DD ( 18mths ) loves, but DS (3yrs and the diary free one ) needs a bit of coaxing to eat. It's just sweated onions and mushrooms in with flour and stock. Add the fish to the mixture. Top off with mashed potato and parsnip. It's qute nice as the parsnips give it an extra sweetness.
Jamies fish fingers always get polished off quickly.
I don't like tuna myself but have been meaning to give it to dcs as I know it can be a really useful store cupboard ingredient.

Parrish Fri 18-May-12 20:52:26

My kids are so fussy. I used to be able to get them to eat salmon by buying salmon fish fingers.
However, I can't find them now sad
They like to go the fish van and then I coat their purchases in bright orange breadcrumbs!

inneedofchocolate Fri 18-May-12 22:15:27

Smoked haddock risotto is a favourite in our house.

Soften finely chopped onion, chuck in any chopped veg you fancy, add arborrio rice and stir for 2 mins until coated in oil, add splash of white wine, add vegetable stock until rice is cooked (and more wine!). Throw in smoked haddock fillets which have been cooked in microwave, black pepper to season and voila!

MsMarple Fri 18-May-12 22:32:09

DS (4)'s absolute favourite dinner is fish pie. I just poach fish (white, smoked and salmon) in milk with some leeks, then make a cheese sauce with the liquid and bake with grated cheese on top.

He will eat fish just grilled but it is much more hit and miss, whereas with fish pie I know he'll scoff the lot!

CointreauVersial Fri 18-May-12 22:58:25

My DCs (12, 10 and 8) adore fish, and always have done.

We eat salmon fairly often; I have three recipes I use regularly:

1. Marinated in lime juice, honey and olive oil, then panfried (add marinade at the end).

2. Marinated chinese-style (hoisin, ginger, honey, soy, 5-spice etc), then grilled.

3. Whole side of salmon, baked with a lime/breadcrumb topping. (yes, between the five of us we will polish off a whole side).

Another one they love is tuna steak, but that is blooming expensive, so a rare treat! And DD1 in particular adores whole mackerel.

CointreauVersial Fri 18-May-12 23:01:04

MrsWee, my mum used to make a similar tuna fish pie, but with breadcrumbs/grated cheese as a topping instead of pastry. I really must try that for the DCs.

We all had tuna nicoise salad for tea this evening....mmmmm..

SetFiretotheRain Fri 18-May-12 23:03:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpagboLagain Sat 19-May-12 07:44:25

We love fish, and love young's fish fingers, bought in bulk from Costco.

Fish pie is a big hit, very toddler friendly. As its a bit of a faff to make, I always do too much then freeze extra in ramekins as handy child meals.

Midweek fish is often done in the oven in foil parcels . Just bake with sliced lemon and black pepper. Salmon, hake, red bream etc are great like this. They can't overcook if you get called away and can do jacket potatoes at same time. Serve with broccoli or salad

terrywoganstrousers Sat 19-May-12 07:46:48

I wish Youngs would do a gluten free range- I used to love your battered stuff but now I am a coeliac....

CMOTDibbler Sat 19-May-12 08:31:47

Youngs do a gf fishfinger TerryWogan, so lets hope they expand !

NorbertDentressangle Sat 19-May-12 11:13:11

A very popular recipe with our DC is Jamies Pouting Fish Fingers from Jamies Fish Suppers -they love them served with sweet potato wedges, peas and garlic mayo.

terrywoganstrousers Sun 20-May-12 04:04:19

Do they CMOT?! I must look for them, they are not stocked at my local supermarkets.

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