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NOW CLOSED: Share your top stories and tips for applying sun lotion to yourself and your children with Garnier Ambre Solaire. You could win £100 worth of free Garnier products.

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 27-Apr-12 17:40:51

You may recall we recently recruited three mumsnetters to to be filmed and learn all about applying the correct amount of sun lotion, on themselves and on their children . The video will be coming soon as well as a giveaway and lots of advice (including a Q&A with Ambre Solaire's expert) so please do keep your eyes peeled for this.

Garnier say "we are really excited to be working with MN to to take part in our sun care challenge to help mums enjoy their summer safely with their families."

In the meantime everyone is invited to share their tips for getting suncream on their children as well as their stories about how easy or difficult you find you worry about your children being exposed to the sun at home or abroad or you confident you know how much cream to apply and how often?

Everyone who adds a tips, story or comment to this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one person will win a Garnier goody bag worth up to £100.

If you were one of the MNers who attended the day with your child, please share with the rest of the community your experiences of the day, what you learnt and if you were surprised by anything.

Please note comments added to this thread may be used on the forthcoming Ambre Solaire pages on MN.

Thanks MNHQ

asuwere Sat 28-Apr-12 11:52:42

I usually use clear spray stuff that doesn't need rubbed in as quicker and easier. None of my kids mind getting it on and they assume it's just normal before leaving the house. Always have hats on too, again, my kids never go out without a hat (either cosy hat in winter or sun hat in summer!)

I have used the coloured cream in the past which the kids did enjoy rubbing in but still find the spray on stuff much easier and I know that they are fully covered and haven't missed any bits.

I also have an extra bottle of suncream in car, one in the pram basket and small one in my bag just in case! smile

RabbitsMakeBrownEggs Sat 28-Apr-12 14:40:57

I am petrified of wasps and tend to stay in in the summer, or at least close to home. I use a wasp repellent sun lotion in Factor 50 for us all and it helps to get me out and about, even if it is just psychological, I like that feature in my sun cream.

The kids adore the coloured stuff they can see to rub in. I'd like something that combines both. In an easy action pump spray for arthritic hands.

It would be the perfect sun cream.

Fenouille Sat 28-Apr-12 14:51:42

We apply cream all over before getting dressed and then I have small tubes for when we're out and about. Hats are derigeur here too as are sunglasses (as I have very sensitive eyes) although I can't get DS to keep his sunglasses on for more than 10 seconds at a time.

I've also got some t-shirts and bathing costumes with anti-uv protection built in for the summer.

Kristina2 Sat 28-Apr-12 14:57:48

Our kids love the lipstick sized tubes of thick coloured sunblock . They paint them on tneir cheeks, noses and lips when they are swimming and pretend tbey are surfers or lifeguards

CarryOnMatron Sat 28-Apr-12 15:56:03

I always get them covered in sun screen before we leave for the beach with a high factor cream. Once out and about I tend to top them up using a spray, we tend to get more cooperation if we buy a coloured spray. The boys seem to really like having sun screen put on if it is coloured.

Over time we've learnt not to neglect areas like tops of ears and scalp as these tend to be really sore and easy to miss. Also I let the boys choose their own sun hates and glasses which also contribute to avoiding getting burnt.

r3dh3d Sat 28-Apr-12 18:35:11

I label each bottle when I buy it with the year it was bought. We end up with quite a few bottles kicking around over the year (in school bags for both DDs, in the house, in the buggy, in the holiday house, in the car...) and it's easy to lose track of which goes out of date when.

In summer, both DDs wear a single big French plait* - means I don't have to worry about a hair parting getting burnt, but still keeps it all out of their faces.

*I mean one French plait each. Not that I plait their heads together - though now I come to think of it, the idea has its merits... grin

hairypotter Sat 28-Apr-12 19:21:42

We plaster children straight from the shower. Let them prance around in the nip for a bit to dry off afterwards. During the day we top up with the dry aerosol ones so no need to rub in, followed by a good dollop of cream on faces, ears, neck and scalp.

Sometimes it feels like all we do is apply sunscreen so I have decided to invent a machine to do it for me. grin it's like an automatic spray tan machine but with sunscreen! Genius idea if I may say so. Coming soon to all beaches and other hot sunny places. Pay a quid and pop your dc in and voila!!

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 28-Apr-12 20:11:57

Agree with all the posters above who just get the suncream applied before going out.

I tend to let each DC rub suncream into one of my arms after they have had theirs applied. For some unknown reason it makes them more compliant.

WitchOfEndor Sat 28-Apr-12 21:13:32

I make sure DS is covered in cream before I put his clothes on as it's easier and less messy to do that than slathering it on when he is dressed. He has Maltese heritage though so despite the factor 50 / sun hats and being out of the sun between 12:30 and 14:30 for a nap he still managed to get some colour!

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 29-Apr-12 07:59:57

I use the spray straight out of the shower. Have been known to dry DD with a hairdryer when we are in a rush blush

SeventhEverything Sun 29-Apr-12 11:41:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lilyloo Sun 29-Apr-12 13:22:41

When we are abroad everyone is done naked when we get up before we put our swimsuits on.
Oddly we never do that at home but I do like the coloured cream that helps you see where you have covered.
Watching this thread for tips as slip slop slapping 20 children at nursery is never easy!

Lilyloo Sun 29-Apr-12 13:25:20

Always remember the parting in your hair too, had a painful experience when I missed that spot.

Kveta Sun 29-Apr-12 14:32:37

we tend to have to wrestle DS to the ground, then use one hand to apply sun lotion, and one hand to stop him wiping it straight off.

also, we try not to be outside in the peak sunshine hours (so basically, March this year...), as DS will absolutely not wear a hat. Although we've recently had some success with a fez, but it looks a bit ridiculous being out and about in suburban England, with a blond toddler in wellies, a raincoat, and a fez. confused

I burned badly, and often, as a child, in the West of Scotland, so am not complacent about the power of the sun in the UK!

aristocat Sun 29-Apr-12 15:35:03

Another here who creams the DCs when abroad before getting dressed. DS has sensitive skin and his sun-cream at the moment is a roll-on.
This has been a huge success for both DCs as they love the novelty of it instead of normal sun lotion bottle. Very easy to carry around and will definitely buy it again!

Indith Sun 29-Apr-12 19:39:01

I keep my dcs covered really and use very little sunscreen. We spend a lot of time outside so they build up exposure. They wear proper hats and long shorts/t-shirts, we steer clear of strappy dresses. If we are at the beach or walking or otherwise out all day with little chance to seek shade then we apply sunscreen but for normal garden or park play I just make sure they come in for a bit fairly regularly (bribed with ice lollies or juice, also good for making ure they drink!).I've never had trouble getting it on them when it is needed and we know to use plenty. Neither child has had sunburn and nor do they get a deep tan, just not quite so pale as in winter so I figure I must be getting exposure about right.

mckenzie Sun 29-Apr-12 21:18:22

We all use the lotions that last 6 hours or more so that application is minimal. When on holiday we tend to go from pjs to swim suits via suntan lotion application, it's just part of the routine. When we top up later, it's after lunch while we're chilling in the shade so DC can be reading or playing cards while we apply. DD is good at doing it herself, having watched us but DS, although older, is pants at it!! We don't like the sprays - one bit of wind and it goes everywhere.

ratflavouredjelly Mon 30-Apr-12 00:20:30

I always put sun cream on before the tinies are dressed (unlike DH who tries to poke it around under their collars). I also have a stash located conveniently around the house - at least one tube in one of the kids bedrooms, one in the kitchen and one in the car.
There is a sun cream which is blue so you can see where you have applied previously that's rather handy.
I avoid the spray on creams as there have been claims of nano technology etc etc adding chemicals deep into the skin. Prefer old school sun cream.

EllenParsons Mon 30-Apr-12 02:22:37

Don't forget the less obvious spots like back of the neck, ears, feet!

Blatherskite Mon 30-Apr-12 10:20:12

The anyway up spray cans are by far the easiest way of applying lotion ime. I give mine a good dousing before getting dressed in the morning to make sure we've got everywhere and then top it up as thoroughly as I can around lunchtime when the sun is strongest. - always trying to remember that sleeves and short legs can ride up when children are playing.

The pump sprays are the worst. Once you've done one child and rubbed it in, your hands are too slippy to pump the bottle for the second child!

I also always keep a spare bottle of cream in the baby bag and by the back door. No excuse for forgetting then smile

ShatnersBassoon Mon 30-Apr-12 11:38:08

Oh yes, children's ears burn very easily when the sun hat of choice is a baseball cap and they're outside on a school trip all day. I did their face and neck, but forgot their tabs grinops:.

ShatnersBassoon Mon 30-Apr-12 11:39:25

That should be a blush, not a grin. I'm not insanely proud of my parental shortcomings.

TheRhubarb Mon 30-Apr-12 11:46:34

I didn't realise that children's sunscreen was not to be used on babies. I think if you look on the instructions they have to be over a year old.

Therefore when mine were very little I would seek out sunscreen made with zinc oxide as apparently this cream is not absorbed into the skin but creates a layer on the skin to protect against the sun. However by far the better method is just to keep children covered with long sleeved t-shirts and hats and where possible, provide shade for them to play under.

Some of the high factor sunscreens can be really greasy and heavy, but I find the sprays are good for even coverage. I don't use a very strong factor as children do also need to absorb some of the suns rays to get essential vitamin D (as do we), so I generally go for factor 25 or 30.

Also, every summer check your sunscreen as they do go out of date which can make them less effective. On hot days keep them in the fridge as not only is that lovely and cooling when you spray it on, but it also stops it again from going off.

Tamoo Mon 30-Apr-12 12:49:57

I always use the spray-on for DS; easier to apply, less mess, more fun. The only annoyance is that mix of water, sand and suncream that you have to deal with later in the day when you're out at the beach.

I remember going on holiday as a child and burning terribly; we'd go back to our apartment and my mum would peel the skin off my back and shoulders (don't know whether people just didn't care as much in those days or whether it was just her hmm)

ScorpionQueen Mon 30-Apr-12 13:34:56

Might be TMI but we always start the day by applying it naked in the hotel room. We reapply frequently. We get through a lot of sun lotion on holiday and I favour higher factors, as a tan is not the reason we go abroad. I also make sure we have access to shade and books/toys/games etc. to encourage the kids to spend time out of direct sunlight.

As the girls are getting older I have to nag them more but the message seems to be getting through to them. I show them pics of the nan in Benidorm as a cautionary tale.

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