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NOW CLOSED Add your views on last night's episode of "One Born Every Minute" (17 Jan, Ch 4, 9pm) and you could win a £50 Amazon voucher

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 17-Jan-11 14:30:51

Channel 4 have asked Mumsnet to find out what you think about their new series of One Born Every Minute. The second episode is tonight - Channel 4 at 9pm - it is a 12 part series.

We've recruited a special panel of volunteer viewers to add their comments to this thread. Channel 4 don't have specific questions for you - they are interested in your general comments and thoughts about all aspects of the programme and the debate this generates. The panel are a mix of Mumsnetters, all of whom are parents, some pregnant, some not, some have seen the programme before, others haven't.

They would also love any other Mumsnetters - ie folks NOT in the panel - to add their comments here. Anyone who contributes to this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one winner, drawn at random, will win a £50 Amazon voucher.

So, please post your thoughts and comments on the programme below. We'd welcome 'live' feedback during the broadcast as well as a comment at the end. If you can't post during the broadcast please add your thoughts by the end of Tues Jan 18th.

Additionally - if you haven't already - do have a look at the extra info about the series on the One Born Every Minute website - and let us know on this thread what you think about it.

If you are a panel member please identify yourself as one when you first post.

Many thanks and enjoy!

Guaparesaca Mon 17-Jan-11 21:15:40

Compulsive telly viewing for a Monday night,DH always scarpers upstairs the minute it starts (he was at the births of both our DCs though !)

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:15:53

Yes Totoros I don't like that, don't see the point in them airing that either tbh

TotorosOcarina Mon 17-Jan-11 21:16:51

i like that midwife grin

TheSkiingGardener Mon 17-Jan-11 21:17:02

Ah water birth, are they going to mention the sieve???

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:17:30

I wish I'd looked that good in labour!

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:17:56

Really like the young couple, probably because I was a year younger than her when I had my DD so can relate easily. How fab does Lydia look in that bikini?

So good to see a water birth too.

TotorosOcarina Mon 17-Jan-11 21:18:11

nice they are letting her sister in. such a lovely family

MrsPickles Mon 17-Jan-11 21:19:30

Wow Lydia looks like she's has a total fanjo wax from what I could see in the pool, impressed at her fanjo maintenance at full term

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:20:02

I'm not really feeling this episode as much as last weeks.
There's a bit too much negativity for me, what with the cleaner moaning and the family of the young couple talking about abortions and lack of contraception

MrsShrekTheThird Mon 17-Jan-11 21:20:25

shock mrs pickles - nooo wayyyy grin

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:20:32

Aww, I like hearing about the falling in love bit, sets the scene really nicely.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:21:16

This couple seem lovely

TotorosOcarina Mon 17-Jan-11 21:21:28

really nice little interview then with those 2, he really loves her

MrsShrekTheThird Mon 17-Jan-11 21:21:29

I know they need to show the 'waiting' and long process sort of thing, but this is a bit yawwnnnn atm

RailwayChild Mon 17-Jan-11 21:21:39

Why are the Dad's so useless?

What's with texting whilst she labours?

TotorosOcarina Mon 17-Jan-11 21:22:28

i think i'd be kicking that sister out!!!

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:08

I am enjoying this weeks episode more. The couples both seem really nice.

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:13

I had a fanjo wax a week before my EDD blush it seemed ever so important at the time. I couldn't cope with the thought of all the blood n gunk getting in my lady hair.

TheSkiingGardener Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:19

I love seeing the midwives getting organised, worrying about notes, organising all the women on the whiteboard. Its the other side of the unique experience every couple is going through. I find the contrast really engaging.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:42

MrsShrek agree. Although it is nice to get a bit of background info, I am watching this because I am interested in labour and childbirth, not because I want to hear if the sister likes hospitals or not hmm

MrsShrekTheThird Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:42

get the mac and wellies out - ARM time

Pesha Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:45

I'd rather see more of the mum and dad than the bloody sister moaning about how hard it is for her, whats she got to do with anything?!

TotorosOcarina Mon 17-Jan-11 21:23:56

how far dialted is lydia, did they say?

Shivs1974 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:24:01

Why are they breaking her waters? Why has she come out of the pool?? I refused to cone out once in :-)

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:24:19

Sister would be out on her arse, how irritating.

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