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NOW CLOSED Add your views on last night's episode of "One Born Every Minute" (17 Jan, Ch 4, 9pm) and you could win a £50 Amazon voucher

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 17-Jan-11 14:30:51

Channel 4 have asked Mumsnet to find out what you think about their new series of One Born Every Minute. The second episode is tonight - Channel 4 at 9pm - it is a 12 part series.

We've recruited a special panel of volunteer viewers to add their comments to this thread. Channel 4 don't have specific questions for you - they are interested in your general comments and thoughts about all aspects of the programme and the debate this generates. The panel are a mix of Mumsnetters, all of whom are parents, some pregnant, some not, some have seen the programme before, others haven't.

They would also love any other Mumsnetters - ie folks NOT in the panel - to add their comments here. Anyone who contributes to this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one winner, drawn at random, will win a £50 Amazon voucher.

So, please post your thoughts and comments on the programme below. We'd welcome 'live' feedback during the broadcast as well as a comment at the end. If you can't post during the broadcast please add your thoughts by the end of Tues Jan 18th.

Additionally - if you haven't already - do have a look at the extra info about the series on the One Born Every Minute website - and let us know on this thread what you think about it.

If you are a panel member please identify yourself as one when you first post.

Many thanks and enjoy!

TheSkiingGardener Mon 17-Jan-11 21:07:45

Love Tendayi and bloke (missed name). Seem very chilled.

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:07:45

Panel member, just logging in.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:07:54

Steady on mate, get this pregnancy over with first

TotorosOcarina Mon 17-Jan-11 21:08:30

yes, water birth, lovely!

TheSkiingGardener Mon 17-Jan-11 21:09:07

I never got the gas and air, it looks complicated!

loler Mon 17-Jan-11 21:09:12

Non-panel person here - I just wanted to add that I always feel a desperate need to have a few more details after the birth - a minimum of the baby's name and and how big it was. With all the programmes I've watched don't always get the baby's name even.

It's like when DH announces a birth - oh, by the way XX had a baby sometime. What's it called? Don't know! How big? Didn't ask. Was it a ds or a dd? Not sure confused.

MrsShrekTheThird Mon 17-Jan-11 21:09:29

good clear explanation from that mw about the gas and air - but ohhhh noooooo here we go again with poor girl on her back in bed <sigh>

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:09:36

OMG, what is that noise!

KangarooCaught Mon 17-Jan-11 21:10:01

why do they all labour on their backs?

TotorosOcarina Mon 17-Jan-11 21:10:17

i remember listening to the heaartbeat being monitored, i was terrified the whole time, everytime something changed!!

KangarooCaught Mon 17-Jan-11 21:10:25

x post

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:10:46

I'm starting to think that maybe all delivery rooms need to be sound proofed

FrumpyPumpy Mon 17-Jan-11 21:10:57

I love this programme! Watched the first series before had DS, now 19 weeks with DC2. The younger woman is incredibly pretty, non?

AtYourCervix Mon 17-Jan-11 21:11:34

think the MW is examining her that's why she's on the bed - she wants water.

bloody Ad breaks - hate them.

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:11:51

Tricky They are a lovely looking couple. Good genes

gingercat12 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:13:00

Our delivery room must have been sound proofed. I have not seen or heard anybody, and was there forwell over 12 hours.

Is it the first baby for both couple?

kingprawntikka Mon 17-Jan-11 21:13:40

Every one on their backs in this day and age is bizarre. I was encouraged to sit up and my last birth was 15 years ago. Maybe it depends on the hospital ethos.

TheSkiingGardener Mon 17-Jan-11 21:13:45

This looks so much better this week. I feel more engaged with the couples already because we've seen more of the process they have to go through, like getting tagged. Makes it easier to relate to.

Like what we've seen of the staff too, for me they have more engagement factor because they can show you what's normal and what's unusual. You wouldn't do this job if you didn't love every birth so things that stand out for them must be truly amazing.

Ewe Mon 17-Jan-11 21:13:45

Panel member signing in.

I had a look at the website and feel it is quite patronising in parts, seems like they think the audience is a bit stupid. I have no interest in watching additional videos, if it's good footage, stick it in the episode.

I couldn't watch the videos on my iPad, would be good if they could use QuickTime too so people can watch on iPhone, iPad etc.

The interact section looks like gcse revision website or something, the content is good (the before and after stories in particular) and I would feel more inclined to click on it if the graphics weren't so busy. Too much visual stuff in your face like that makes me less likely to stay and look around. I get brain overload!

Birth radar is great but the tweet I clicked on was "welcome to the world of retail" but I guess if you have a bot scanning for words that is always likely to happen. Concept is good though.

TotorosOcarina Mon 17-Jan-11 21:14:15

agree with loler

would be nice to get babys weight and name!!

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Jan-11 21:14:19

I think so ginger

gingercat12 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:14:32

Tricky I thought both women are far too pretty. I looked like a tent when I went into labour. I was just explaining to my toddler why I am so big on some of the photos in his photo album.

TotorosOcarina Mon 17-Jan-11 21:15:04

who was that moaning? a cleaner?


Shivs1974 Mon 17-Jan-11 21:15:20

Every time the women are on their backs-why not try to include a synopsis of their birthing plan?? Or maybe the midwives when interviewed could explain??
And I wish you'd include a birth with a doula as support.

MrsShrekTheThird Mon 17-Jan-11 21:15:24

ooooh, now here's a comment to amaze me. DH (who still Isn't Watching, obv) has just said "why are they all in bed? have they all had epidurals?" Now he's not as millitent informed as us ladies as regards moving around during labour, and it was even obvious to him shock that there isn't a lot of movement going on. Last time didn't they do a whole programme iirc on the 'active birth unit' - like it was a rare out of this world experience, hmm.

envy @ missus waterbirth - on all counts!!!

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