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NOW FINISHED:Recipes and tips for cooking with cheese needed for the Lake District Cheese Company - cookery day worth £250 plus cheese to be won

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-Jan-11 14:12:30

The Lake District Cheese Company would like to feature some of your easy cheesy recipes, questions and tips for cooking with cheese on their Mumsnet hub (coming later this month).

The Lake District Cheese Company is part of First Milk, the largest dairy farmer co-operative in the UK. With their roots firmly in the Lake District, they source the finest milk from local and surrounding farms, producing a deliciously moreish cheese that embodies all the values and traditions of the Lake District.

They would also like to use some of your recipes, questions and tips in videos which will be hosted by a Lake District chef, Lucy Nicholson from "Lucy's of Ambleside" LucyCooks Cookery School which will be shown on Mumsnet and elsewhere.

So, is there anything you'd particularly like to see Lucy cook, demonstrate or talk about in the videos? Would you like some new ideas for cooking with cheese? Do you have a best ever way of including cheese in your everyday food, what's your favourite cheese recipe? How do you make cheese dishes healthy for all the family?

Everyone who adds a question, tip or recipe to this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky winner will receive a cookery class for two people (the winner and a friend) at LucyCooks Cookery School, at a value of up to £250.00 in total, plus £50 travel expenses to get you to the cook school and some lovely Lake District Cheese Company Cheese.

Many thanks

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Mar-11 19:29:20

By the way you can see the videos etc on the Lake District Cheese Company sponsored content which is - here

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Mar-11 19:28:24

Glad you had a great time DurhamDurham - sounds brill (esp free hotel!)

DurhamDurham Mon 07-Mar-11 17:39:05

I just wanted to say what a brilliant weekend I had in The Lakes at LucyCooks. I took my husband and we did the Cumbrian cookery day.
From start to finish we laughed, had fun, ate too much and made new friends. The school was beautiful and very well run. We had a delicious lunch served with wine and got to bring all the lovely food we had made.
We booked into a local Inn to extend our stay and got refunded the money for that the next day.....we got up in middle of night to investigate a strange clanking noise and bumped in to the manager who was mortified we had been woken up. When we checked out, the member of staff said she'd been told not to charge us because of our disturbed sleep. We could not believe our luck!!

Thank you Mumsnet, LucyCooks, Lake District Cheese and The Eagle & Child for a fantastic weekend smile smile smile

DurhamDurham Fri 21-Jan-11 15:12:14

Thankyou smile

Sorry you can't take up yor prize thinbride but I will be thinking of you on the day whilst trying not to look like a complete novice at the cookery class smile smile

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-Jan-11 10:05:32

Thanks for all your lovely tips, recipes etc!

Am pleased to say thinbridewaitingtogetout's name was pulled out of the hat and she has won "a cookery class for two people (the winner and a friend) at Lucy Cook's Cookery School at a value of up to £250.00 in total, plus £50 travel expenses to get you to the cook school and some lovely Lake District Cheese Company Cheese"
An email is on it's way!

loonyrationalist Tue 11-Jan-11 10:29:56

Mascarpone makes a quick & easy creamy pasta sauce.

Cook any veg you want to use, add mascarpone to saucepan until it melts & then mix in pasta. Sprinkle with grated cheese & serve. Yummy.

I add mascarpone to my quiches too.

Whisk your eggs is a large bowl then add half a tub of mascarpone (for a large quiche). Then add all your other ingredients to the bowl of egg & mascarpone & mix. I usually use thinly sliced onion & mature cheddar. (but broccoli, chunks of salmon & cheddar is nice too) I find it makes a much more even quiche by mixing it all up together.

Cream cheese will substitute for mascarpone in all of these recipes & be nearly as good

LadyBiscuit Tue 11-Jan-11 10:08:35

Ooh no I didn't BIWI but those sound lovely - I shall have a look

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 11-Jan-11 10:05:53

LadyBiscuit - did you see Baking is Easy last night? Lovely recipe for parmesan and poppy seed 'lollies'.

Grated Parmesan, mixed with sesame and poppy seeds, put in rounds on a baking tray (using a ring cutter to keep it perfectly round), and placing a lollipop stick on the middle of it, so that it melts into the cheese as it cooks.

Great canape!

funtimewincies Mon 10-Jan-11 20:23:14

Ds1's favourite meal of all time is one that my mum heard on the radio in the 1970's in a feature about thrift.

In an oven-proof dish...
1) A layer of baked beans (dh likes leftover cooked bacon/sausage/cabanos mixed in with his).
2) Then a layer of mashed potato (fresh or leftover).
3) Lastly a good thick layer of grated cheese (a single variety or mixed, doesn't matter) with a dash of worcestershire sauce if you're that way inclined.
4) Bung in the oven until golden and bubbling.

My mum made it for us, it saw me through many a skint time at university and now ds1 ADORES it. My mum called it 'cheese and potato pie' but we now know it as the less classy 'cheesy beany mash' grin. It also goes brilliantly with a certain brand of brown sauce.

LadyBiscuit Mon 10-Jan-11 18:46:35

If you are on a low GI diet, cheese crisps are the business. Put grated cheese in little piles on a microwaveable plate (or just on the turntable) and then zap for 30 secs or so (you can increase by 10s increments). Yum

And guacamole - my cheese straws are crunchy - I make them with (ready made) puff pastry rolled out, sprinkled with parmesan and then folded in half before rolling out, sprinkling again and cutting and twisting into straws. I think the trick is to cook them for longer than advised - they need to be nearly burned before they go crunch

MarsLady Sun 09-Jan-11 23:48:02

Bloody hell woman! Well done grin Shame about DH though lol grin

NorkyButNice Sun 09-Jan-11 13:20:27


He's gorgeous thanks - although DH wouldn't budge on calling him William so he's Nathaniel!

Did you hear he was 11lb 3oz! I could have done with your doula skills grin

MarsLady Sun 09-Jan-11 11:18:48

<waves at norky before rushing out... > How's baby Will?

NorkyButNice Sun 09-Jan-11 11:04:29

DH won't eat cheese, apart from on pizza (how did I end up married to this man?!?).

I LOVE cheese of all sorts, and DS1 likes eating chunks of cheddar but is a bit wary of anything too strong or "different".

Any suggestions for ways to bring a cheese-hater round?

prettybird Sun 09-Jan-11 10:47:04

really easy summer lunch/supper dish.

Take a roll of ready rolled puff pastry and divide it into four squares(ish). Place on greased baking sheets. If you can be bothered, score a line about a cm in from each of the edges (helps the rim rise).

Smear some pesto on each of the "inner" squares. Slice a tomato on each of them. Drizzle some olive oil on top. Slice mozzarella on top - although you could use any hard cheese.

Bake at 200C (fan oven) for about 20 minutes - until pastry is golden.

lellibobs Sun 09-Jan-11 09:13:39

My mums chesse and potato pie

Peel lots of potatoes and slice into rounds
Boil until just cooked then drain
Make a pint of thin white sauce with lots of white pepper to taste not too much salt as the cheese is salty.
Grate a mountain of cheese. Preferable strong cheddar

Layer in a casserole dish, potatoes,grated cheese then sauce. Keep layering finishing with potato and cheese on top.

Bake for about 1 hour until crispy and golden. Yummm

We used to have it with tinned tomatoes (very 70's)

But now we have it with roasted cherry tomatoes and broccoli or green beans

CointreauVersial Sun 09-Jan-11 01:08:58

Oooh, leftover Stilton - that remionds me. I have a piece in the fridge which I'm going to mash with a little cream, salt and pepper, then dip fresh pear slices into it. Lush!

solo Sun 09-Jan-11 00:58:17

grin but it's the whole thing isn't it? warm, freshly cut bread, extra mature cheese and either Branston or Haywards pickle...<hungry now!!!>

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 08-Jan-11 23:19:36

Ah yes, solo. Can't you just make a sandwich out of cheese slices with pickle in the middle?!

solo Sat 08-Jan-11 23:04:07

Yes BIWI, but low carb is not sadly, cheese and pickle sandwich. I've cut that out of my daily lunch and have lost weight consistently...makes me very as I just love that for lunch.

Fink Sat 08-Jan-11 19:22:08

I heart cheese so much!

My pikey-lady's tip is to keep the rinds of strong hard cheeses like Parmesan, then use them to make cheese sauce (white sauce with cheese). Sieve it before serving so you don't actually eat the old chewy rinds but you get a lovely tasting sauce without having to use up premimum quality eating cheese (which you can instead nibble on whilst making the cheese saucce!).

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 08-Jan-11 19:06:21

Not fattening if you include it in a low carb diet, solo!

solo Sat 08-Jan-11 17:36:58

My question is this: why is cheese so bloody fattening?! I love it; it loves to sit on my hips...

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 08-Jan-11 15:47:26

AG - my mother used to make me Cheese Pudding when I was little. I'd forgotten all about it! It is absolutely gorgeous.

AvengingGerbil Sat 08-Jan-11 15:24:03

Two favourites my Mum used to make when my Dad and sister (non-cheese eating freakoids) were out. Happily I can now make them whenever I like!

1) Slice up lots of onions. Cook them really slowly in olive (or other) oil until they go all soft and squishy but not brown. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes (or fresh ones if it is summer and you have a glut). Simmer a bit. Now add as much grated cheddar cheese as you think you can possibly eat in one go. Stir the pan until it is all melted together. In the meanwhile, cook a pan of spaghetti. Apply sauce to spaghetti and eat. (And put the saucepan in to soak right away or you will have a nightmare getting it clean.)

2. Cheese Pudding. This uses stuff up. Take old bread and cut it up into cubes, not too small. Beat together any eggs you have lurking around that need using up. Add milk, salt and pepper. Pour over the bread. (If not enough to cover the bread, add more milk.) Grate cheese (lots). Mix it in. Leave the mixture to stand until the bread has absorbed all the egg goo.(I do this overnight, but it only really needs a couple of hours.)Pour into a buttered dish and bung in the oven until it is golden and risen.

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