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NOW FINISHED:Recipes and tips for cooking with cheese needed for the Lake District Cheese Company - cookery day worth £250 plus cheese to be won

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-Jan-11 14:12:30

The Lake District Cheese Company would like to feature some of your easy cheesy recipes, questions and tips for cooking with cheese on their Mumsnet hub (coming later this month).

The Lake District Cheese Company is part of First Milk, the largest dairy farmer co-operative in the UK. With their roots firmly in the Lake District, they source the finest milk from local and surrounding farms, producing a deliciously moreish cheese that embodies all the values and traditions of the Lake District.

They would also like to use some of your recipes, questions and tips in videos which will be hosted by a Lake District chef, Lucy Nicholson from "Lucy's of Ambleside" LucyCooks Cookery School which will be shown on Mumsnet and elsewhere.

So, is there anything you'd particularly like to see Lucy cook, demonstrate or talk about in the videos? Would you like some new ideas for cooking with cheese? Do you have a best ever way of including cheese in your everyday food, what's your favourite cheese recipe? How do you make cheese dishes healthy for all the family?

Everyone who adds a question, tip or recipe to this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky winner will receive a cookery class for two people (the winner and a friend) at LucyCooks Cookery School, at a value of up to £250.00 in total, plus £50 travel expenses to get you to the cook school and some lovely Lake District Cheese Company Cheese.

Many thanks

aristocat Thu 06-Jan-11 14:42:47

MMmmmmmm ...... i love cheese however DCs dont sad
cheese is such a versatile food and any new recipe ideas would be good.

can i ask is it easy to make cheese at home?

Blatherskite Thu 06-Jan-11 15:03:30

Here's a recipe...

Hidden Cheeseburgers

To a pack of lean steak mince, add a sprinkling of flour and an egg to help bind the burgers (although for those with gluten or egg allergies, these could be left out) and then whatever seasonings you fancy. I tend to use a sprinkling of herbs and some tomato puree but you could use chilli powder or flakes, Lee and Perrins, a dollop of BBQ sauce, salt, pepper, a crumbled stock cube etc...

Squidge the mix together with your fingers - this is a great one for kids - then form into thin burger shapes. You only want them to be 5-6mm thick.

Cut some pieces of cheese about the same thickness and about 1cm smaller all round than the burgers. Sandwich a piece of cheese between 2 of the thin burgers and press them together to make 1 large burger with a piece of cheese in the middle.

Grill for about 10 minutes, turning occasionally. Serve in bread rolls with a lovely salad.

The cheese will melt as the burgers cook and ooze out as you eat them. Yummy.

sethstarkaddersmum Thu 06-Jan-11 15:06:38

I have a question about cheese.

Why has no-one yet invented a really nice cheese drink?

starbucks100 Thu 06-Jan-11 15:12:28

Lake District Cheese yum yum I love everything with cheese on it and always have it in the fridge.

What about some tasty hearty recipes for the winter using cheese that all the family will love?

sethstarkaddersmum Thu 06-Jan-11 15:22:58

I have a cheese tip, in case Lucy doesn't take my question seriously:

Dried-up leftovers of strong hard cheeses, such as Lincolnshire Poacher or really good Cheddar, can be finely grated and used instead of Parmesan.

Blatherskite Thu 06-Jan-11 15:31:23

Grated cheese works well on top of a Cottage pie or you can make cheesy dumplings to top a stew...Mmmm, guess what I want now?

Both would work well with dried up leftovers too as they get melted.

You can add the leftovers from a roast chicken to cheese, red/green peppers, mushrooms and, if you like them, sliced chillies and spread over a flour tortilla. Top with another tortilla and dry fry in a hot frying pan. Once the cheese is melted, slice like a pizza and enjoy with some tomato salsa. Yum. I want Enchiladas now too

moonbells Thu 06-Jan-11 15:44:12

Our entire family (including the cat!) are cheesemonsters. DS (3) loves the stuff, even Stilton and cheddar with garlic, herbs and chilli in!

I personally think the best recipe is still a straight mature cheddar quiche - beat 1/4pt milk, 3 eggs, 1/2tsp English mustard, dash Worcestershire sauce.
Line a quiche dish with pastry, cover with grated cheese, add a layer of finely diced onion, cover with more cheese (we tend to get through quite a lot!) and then pour the egg mix evenly over it. Bake gas 6 200C for 35-40 mins or until set and golden on top. Serve with new potatoes.

You can garnish with tomato slices if you like, or spread a layer of tomato puree onto the pastry.
Variations are of course endless depending on what you have lurking in the fridge, but I still think plain cheese and onion beats the lot.

Sadly DH is of the mind that real men don't eat quiche (which leaves more for me and my Dad!) and would rather do cheese-covered nachos with all the trimmings. DS calls those triangle crisps and I suspect that it's his favourite meal. Even if he's not allowed it very often!

nikki1978 Thu 06-Jan-11 16:24:06

I love this recipe

Caramalised Onion and Goats Cheese Open Tart

Dice 2 large onions finely and cook on a simmer in 30g melted butter with one clove of crushed garlic for 5 mins stirring continiously. Then stir in 2 tbsp of runny honey and 1tsp of ground black pepper. Cook on simmer for 3-5 mins until the onions are softened and caramalised. Stir in 100ml of red wine and turn the heat up. Cook until the mixture is almost dry. Remove from the heat and leave to cool. You can add a few finely chopped sun dried tomatoes at this point if you want.

Either roll out some puff pastry or use a ready rolled piece (about 25x35cm rectangle). Score a line about 1 inch in all the way around. In the centre spead the onion mixture out and then add some crumbled up goats cheese. Bake for approx 20 mins et voila!

DurhamDurham Thu 06-Jan-11 16:40:38

Retro and lovely!!

1/2 pound Lake District chesse
1/2 pound Gruyere cheese
2 tablespoons flour
1 garlic clove (diced)
1 cup dry white wine
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
Pinch of freshly grated nutmeg

Assorted dipping foods such as cubed day-old French bread, cubed ham, blanched broccoli, carrots, or cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, chopped green bell peppers, peeled and chopped apples or pears

Melt the grated cheese in a large pan with other ingredients until it's all gooey and delicious. Dollop into a warmed dish and serve with the dipping foods.

thinbridewaitingtogetout Thu 06-Jan-11 16:43:16

My recipe is adapted from a morrisons mag recipe;

Cous cous fritters

make up cous cous with stock cube
add loads of grated cheese
some softened red onion (and some peppers if you have any in the fridge)
salt, pepper and herbs of your choice
bind with a beaten egg

fry in fry light till golden on either side

They are scrummy dipped in tomato sauce and once cold they are good in kids lunch boxes.

craftynclothy Thu 06-Jan-11 16:55:29

My 3 year old doesn't like cheese, except on pizza like me blush. However she asks "Is there cheese on this pizza?" and we have to lie and say "No, it's not cheese pizza, it's just pizza pizza" wink

OTOH dd2 loves cheese. Both of them like pasta with halved cherry tomatoes chucked in, so I serve dd1's like that then grate cheese over dd2's.

Also for dd2 I do scrambled egg with cheese grated in.

{hmm] I think I could do with more cheese ideas. All I seem to do is grate it over/into stuff confused

JakeBrake Thu 06-Jan-11 16:56:19

An easy prep ahead souffle

JakeBrake Thu 06-Jan-11 16:56:47

Or cheese nuggests. To replace chicken

Guacamole Thu 06-Jan-11 17:12:28

I have a question, how do I make cheese straws, nice ones, crispy not clawy? Every recipe I've tried, they've been stick to the roof of your mouth clawy!

going Thu 06-Jan-11 17:12:43

Mature cheddar on baked beans or on Tuna mayo - yum!

TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 06-Jan-11 17:13:49

Cheese is the food of gods if it wasn''t so damn fattening i would live off of it.

I am particuarly fond of Lake District Cheese on Toast with Worchester Sauce and Mustard or some Caramelised onion chutney... <drool>

It is also beautiful to stuff into a Chicken Breast with some sauted mushrooms and Onions.

CointreauVersial Thu 06-Jan-11 17:39:22

A nice slice of Cheddar spread with strawberry jam. Mmmmm....

Don't knock it til you've tried it.

nymphadora Thu 06-Jan-11 17:42:23

Lucy Cooks is fab. Just bought my mam a day there for her birthday. Will go & think of a recipe ...

nymphadora Thu 06-Jan-11 17:44:22

Lucy Cooks is fab. Just bought my mam a day there for her birthday. Will go & think of a recipe ...

whomovedmychocolate Thu 06-Jan-11 17:44:52

I use a basic cake recipe - with no sugar obviously, to make cheese and pesto cupcakes for my very fussy DD. An excellent way of using up cheese (it even works with those dreadful string cheese things) and increases her protein intake during lunch massively.

They are quite nice with cheese and caramelised red onion chutney as well (but you have to add more baking powder to counteract the wetness preventing rising.)

BiscuitNibbler Thu 06-Jan-11 17:59:43

I love to melt some stilton in the microwave and pour it over steak and broccoli. Actually I'll eat cheese whatever, I just love it!

A nice strong cheese goes very well with fruit cake too, especially Christmas cake. Yum!

Tortington Thu 06-Jan-11 18:10:24

get some nice plump chicken breast slice at the edge to form a pocket. best to only make a smallish incision nd then get your fingers in there to widen the pocket

then add the cheese of your choice into the middle of the chicken pocket.

wrap in lovely smokey bacon. hold in place and close the incision with cocktail sticks.

cook in the oven and when its done and you slice into the chicken you have lovely melted cheese in the centre of the chicken

nymphadora Thu 06-Jan-11 18:13:58

Creamy Lancashire cheese goes lovely with fruit cake & on toast & sandwiches & with potatoes & crackers ....

Going through up to lb a week at the moment blush

That's in addition to brie , double glOus, cheddar, halloumi , feta, goats cheese that I'm devouring at the moment. blush

Tortington Thu 06-Jan-11 18:14:30

sweet chili peppers like this

they are small but sweet and you can get them from the deli counter at the supermarket.

its the simplest, quickest loveliest snack.

you get some soft cheese and stuff the peppers.

don't have to cook or anything. absolutely delish.

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