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NOW CLOSED Beating babies' blocked-up noses: we need your tips, please

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 27-Sep-10 14:30:52

Does your baby ever get a stuffy or blocked nose? If so, you'll know that it can make sleeping and feeding difficult - for both of you.

The folks at Sterimar Baby natural nasal spray would like to hear your tips on beating baby snuffles.

Do you know a brilliant blocked-up-nose beater? Or maybe a clever way to help a snuffly baby feed more easily? Or perhaps a genius tip that'll help a baby full of cold sleep better at night?

If so, please post it here on this thread. Everyone who sends in an idea, tip or suggestion will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 of Mothercare vouchers.

Please note that your tips may be published on Mumsnet at a later date.

DwayneDibbley Mon 27-Sep-10 21:36:20

Message withdrawn

missedith01 Mon 27-Sep-10 21:39:44

A drop or two of Olbas Oil in a bowl of boiling water under the cot.

SirBoobAlot Mon 27-Sep-10 21:43:56

Squirting some breast milk up their nose helps.

If you can get them to stay still long enough, massaging the bridge of their nose.

Keeping them as upright as possible when feeding / in the buggy, and propping the Moses basket / crib / cot up just a little at the head end.

Have also found that some Vicks on a hankie, tied to the cot bars but out of reach is helpful at night time.

And an air purifier. Certainly worth the money.

Puppycat Mon 27-Sep-10 21:47:02

My two DD are suffering at the minute with blocked noses.
While they were in the bath I put a couple of drops of olbas children in some hot water in the sink, not the bath hoping that the steam from the bath would unblock them a bit.
With the youngest I rubbed a bit of snufflebabe on her chest and raised the mattress of her cot with a rolled up towel.
Then stuck a bowl of water under the cot.
I did try nasosal with the youngest when she was too young to use anything else.

lisad123isgoingcrazy Mon 27-Sep-10 22:47:45

Vics in a bowl of hot on the raditor, and a little rubbed on feet.

also a few drops of vics on a tissue under the mattress

aristocat Mon 27-Sep-10 23:12:15

another here who propped the head of the cot with books and olbas on a muslin tied to the cot.

nickytwotimes Tue 28-Sep-10 06:57:53

Only thing helping ds2 atm is sleeping face down on my chest with me propped up in bed...

<slight contradiction of FSIDS guidelines...>

RedApple11 Tue 28-Sep-10 08:02:48

In truth, when I read this post topic, I couldn't help too much as my daughter didn't get a cold in her first six months.

I then saw this article this morning on BBC news:

My tip therefore is where possible, breatfeed for the first six months and stuffy noses might not be an issue. This won't be possible or work for everyone, but for us, it certainly was successful.

Spirael Tue 28-Sep-10 09:20:34

Not had any bad blocked noses here yet (DD is 12 weeks), despite both me and DH having colds in the last month!

However for everyday minor snuffles, I tend to gently massage DD's nose on each side up to the bridge to loosen everything up, then give her a nice long BF to clear it all.

Doesn't seem to have done her any harm thus far!

swallowedAfly Tue 28-Sep-10 11:57:41

Message withdrawn

edam Tue 28-Sep-10 13:06:13

Red, ds was b/f but succumbed to some colds. Propping one end of the cot up and creating steam helped him - I couldn't quite bring myself to suck the snot out of his nose as someone suggested... am clearly a bad mother!

Bonsoir Tue 28-Sep-10 13:09:32

Lots of long, hot, steamy baths and cleaning nostrils with cotton wool wrung out in hot water.

Staying indoors in an even temperature the minute snuffles appear.

YunoYurbubson Tue 28-Sep-10 14:18:09

I keep seing "Beating Babies" in active conversations and feeling shocked.

StrikeUpTheBand Tue 28-Sep-10 14:19:03

I actually paid good money for some baby bed blocks (about £13) and put 2 under each of the legs at one side of the cot. That was actually the most effective thing to help.

Anenome Tue 28-Sep-10 14:21:40

I tickle my daughters nose! It makes her Gran told me that one! It's helpful to do it right before bedtime.

oopsandbabycoconuts Tue 28-Sep-10 22:18:10

Yuno - I was thinking the same thing!

emmaand3 Wed 29-Sep-10 11:23:24

Agree to propping up the cot. I raise the mattress by putting a pillow under the matress.

Honeydragon Wed 29-Sep-10 22:15:46

Happy to admit: The Nuk snot extracter is the best ever - it is brilliant, simple and comes with two nozzles (one to wash...) really works well.

Less happy to admit: Make your baby giggle when breast feeding (older babies) - if you get them really going they giggle lots and wind up snorting milk and a load of snot down their nose. blush this can then be simply wiped off your cleavage grin

<<disclaimer: I cannot believe I have outed this about myself>>

Honeydragon Wed 29-Sep-10 22:17:29

as a preventative measure when I make tomato pasta sauce I always use ginger, garlic and onions for preventing colds. They have it at least once a week in some guise.

BonzoDooDah Fri 01-Oct-10 16:31:33

I always find feeding them a good hot curry helps get the nose juices running grin

Seriously though I try a warm bath in a steamy room and then Karvol drops on the bedding.

charliechin Mon 11-Oct-10 08:21:50

With a baby that had reflux for 20 weeks my tips are:

Snot suckers - we used the NUK one and it got a lot of snot out.
Radiator humidifier - add a few drops of the baby nose clear
For when my daughter had a proper cold and not just sick going up her nose, then I used some rub on her chest or some drops on a cloth.

The best thing is a snot sucker, does not hurt her and gets instant results. If you start using it at a young age, your child will not be frightened of it either - my daughter, now at 8 months has a cold and she lets me use the snot sucker without any problem, she even smiles when I use it - think it may give her a lot of relief!

sugarlake Mon 11-Oct-10 08:28:38

If your baby has a snuffly cold in summer, take them outside and expose their face to the direct sun for a moment - they will automatically sneeze.

Phew96 Mon 11-Oct-10 13:19:22

DS and DD have both just had colds and I found the saline spray really useful. It was so much easier to use than the drops we've tried previously.

I also second the recommendation of Vaseline around the nostrils to stop them getting sore and raising the head of the cot

kludge Mon 11-Oct-10 16:30:38

Warm bath, baby nose clear snotsucker, walk in the fresh air, and Karvol on a muslin in cot.

maxybrown Wed 13-Oct-10 16:25:26

Baby nose clear snot sucker worked fab - as long as you can keep them still and get it in the right place! or very gently place rolled tissue, usually pulls it all out!

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