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woosey35 Tue 14-Aug-18 18:55:06


My daughter has mobility issues. Can’t ride a bike or scooter etc. She really does feel she’s missing out.

I’ve found one perfect for her to use. Does anyone know how I get funding to assist. ????

BackforGood Tue 14-Aug-18 23:39:33

I'm not clear from your post how severe her mobility issues are, but Whizz Kids support dc with physical difficulties to get mobile.

woosey35 Wed 15-Aug-18 13:10:21

That’s great thanks. Will give them an email. Her mobility needs are variable. She is wheelchair bound for a few months, then can walk but not far, for another few months. But her walking isn’t steady. She has no strength in right leg hence not being able to ride a bike. This really upsets her as she used to have full mobility so this decline is very apparent to her.
Thanks for the recommendation to whizz kids

Pepper123123 Thu 16-Aug-18 00:25:58

Definitely give Whizz Kidz a go.
I've used a wheelchair since I was 6 years old. Charities like the one mentioned are fantastic.

woosey35 Thu 16-Aug-18 09:57:29


But will they laugh if I ask for go-kart? I’ve found something that will give her the fun-mobility that her siblings get when riding a bike. It’s a go-kart that uses her arms instead of her legs. I just feel she should get the same options of fun as her siblings and peers get. It’s heartbreaking to see her have to watch instead of taking part

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