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Special needs bikes

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elspethmartin Thu 19-May-16 19:15:17

All keen cyclists out there - we are looking for a special needs tag along trike, with two wheels for balance, adjustable handle bars if possible, and if it has a seat with harness that would be great - otherwise we can buy it seperately. We can travel to buy/borrow/rent within reason. If we can get this then James can cycle with us and we can all get out and about. If you know of anyone who has one, they maybe can tell us where they got it. Thanks in advance. We are based in Edinburgh.

Claennister Mon 22-Aug-16 19:00:34

Have you heard of Charlotte's Tandems? They can let you borrow one long term free of charge.

blubberball Mon 18-Sep-17 11:51:52

I see that this thread is really old, but my ds has been unsuccessful in trying to ride an ordinary bike. He has global developmental delays, weak core muscles and dyspraxia. He's unable to co ordinate to pedal, steer and balance, even with stabilisers. I want to find out if there's any way we could loan a special bike that he could ride some how. I feel like he's missing out on childhood experiences and milestones. Thanks.

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