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where to get a wheelchair for a 10 yr old boy?

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Jivetoes Wed 20-Jan-16 13:36:15

My son will hopefully be discharged from hospital tomorrow all being well, he had been given crutches and a frame as can only manage a few steps. His recovery time is unknown at this stage. We have of course been told he will need a wheelchair, our hospital does not have much in the way of resources especially children's ones. We are waiting to find out. I know the Red Cross has been mentioned but we are not sure they have anything that fits him, also he really needs footrests that can raise as he has severe pain when legs are bent.

Can anyone give me any ideas of good places to access rental chairs for him or even whether financially we may be better off buying as someone mentioned that?

This is all new to me, so a massive adjustment and a lot to take in! I am a single parent too so need a few pointers!

Thank you in advance.

Jivetoes Wed 20-Jan-16 20:52:38

Just bumping for any evening people!

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