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Has anyone used a buggy suitable for older children to help their child with hypermobility and/or autism?

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adelinehillman Thu 14-May-15 15:43:08

Hi All

My ds has numerous ailments, he's autistic, has twisted tibulars and hypermobility (to name a few). We haven't used a buggy since he was 4 (he's 7 now), but his knees are weakening. He walks to school - it's a 10 minute walk but takes him 20-25 mins. I obviously want to encourage him to walk to maintain his indepence but any journey we do is short and I feel both he and the rest of the family are missing out on advertures round the park etc because we can only go out for a limited time/distance. We have a blue badge which helps a little when in towns and he is registered disabeled due to his autism.

I am not sure if I would be doing more damage by introducing a buggy. Although when I have been out with my sister who has a 3 year old and my ds has become tired he's always been happy to hop into the buggy and be pushed around!

I will speak to the GP and OT about this, but wondered what other Mums have done...


sequeena Fri 25-Sep-15 15:03:49

Hi My 4 year old has hypermobility and other issues including global delay. Wheelchqir services gave us a Wheelchair because He gets tired very easily and for his own safety.

ILoveTFIFriday Fri 06-Nov-15 21:07:59

Yes we do for our children with Hypermobility. We don't use it for the school run but we wouldn't manage on days out without it.

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