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Holidays/ respite

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dennington76 Sun 15-Mar-15 18:30:09

My son is 16 years old with Cerebral palsy and he is in a W/C and is finishing his GCSES in June. I have spoken to my sons social worker to see if there is any clubs out there or if carers can come in to make some lunch and toilet him. As a single mum i work full time and cannot get every holiday off work.
My son does has a P/A however he only has 5 hours a week and 8 hours in the holidays and that's it. Because my son goes to a main steam school he cannot access activities from the special school in the holidays and there's nothing out there for him because he does not have a leaning disability. Please can anyone help of what i can do?? I think its getting harder as my son has got older. My social worker has told me there is no appropriate respite for my son as he has no learning disability. My son who loved to have a weeks break from me and meet other children with a similar disability

tsc1ham2 Tue 24-Mar-15 17:24:02

3H Fund is an amazing charity that organises week long activity holidays for young people with physical disabilities whilst giving respite to their carers

NHF Charity offers an amazing opportunity for young people with a disability to visit Orlando, Florida with volunteer carers whilst also providing respite

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