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Wheelchair Dancesport (wheelchair ballroom and Latin)

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BeginTheBeguine Sat 18-Oct-14 23:10:18

I just thought I'd post and ask if any of you had heard of/been involved with this. If your DC are looking for a new sport it's a really good one to be involved with, but unfortunately not that well known in Britain - it's much more popular on the continent.

It can help with general fitness, wheelchair skills etc, and can work to build upper body strength. It's very social, and if you compete there are chances to go international competitions (in the UK and abroad) and meet other dancers from all over the world. It's also extremely inclusive - you see people dancing in sports chairs, standard chairs, electric wheelchairs or being pushed. I've seen people do it from six years old to well into their eighties.

I've done it for a few years as a standing partner, and have competed and it's been great fun.

I suppose I'm just trying to publicise it a bit - everybody I know who does it loves it (and when you get good you can wear some fantastic dresses/tailsuits).

I'll post a few videos, but feel free to ask if you have any questions!

BeginTheBeguine Sat 18-Oct-14 23:32:41

Ok, I've tried to post a variety. I'll try to explain how it works to.

-Combi is chair + standing, duo is two chairs.

-The two classes are split based on a points system (like other sports are); class 1 is generally people with more restricted mobility.

-The competition is then split into levels (debutante, amateur and invitational). You move up by winning and gaining experience.

Lots of people dance both duo and combi.

combi Latin, invitational, class 2

combi ballroom, invitational, class 1

duo ballroom, invitational, class 2

combi ballroom, amateur, class 1

debutant combi, class 1

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