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Now the summer is over where can we take the kids???

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Timbo1964 Wed 01-Oct-14 10:07:01

Summer is great for wheelchair users - the outdoors is so big :-). Zoos, parks, shopping etc. Now that we are moving to the colder months it does get a bit harder - maybe we could start a list of places that are good to visit for wheelchair users and other disabled children and young people. I will start with a couple of simple ideas - but please add and include any comments about facilities if possible.

At Bristol - A science activity day - it is very accessible and lots to do. They do have a hoist in one of the accessible loos (in the café) unfortunately not one with a changing table though! But Bristol does have a couple of changing places! It is lots of fun - but can get very busy. Top tip - invest the £1 for the planetarium - it is great :-)

KatieeWhizzKidz Thu 02-Oct-14 13:13:32

Have you used Euan's Guide before? Its essentially a trip advisor for looooooads of different types of venues all over the UK from restaurants to museums to even banks, for people to review with all types of disabilities

Working at Whizz-Kidz and listening to a lot of our ambassadors I know they have found this helpful for days out smile

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