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Birthday Party Ideas

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Danandmaxmum Tue 30-Sep-14 20:22:56

My son is nearly 11 and I'm struggling to find birthday ideas that he can have with his able bodied mates. He walks with a frame or crutches and we've done bowling to death and also all his friends no longer need the bowling ball frame which makes him feel left out. laser quest has been good but I have to push him round in his chair and he still feels a bit out of the action. It's probably an unanswerable thread but would be interested to hear any ideas

Timbo1964 Wed 01-Oct-14 09:59:11

Hi - My youngest is now 13 and a wheelchair user and I know your pain - it can be very hard. Last year we cracked it though - my son loves animals and especially things like snakes and spiders - so we booked the local scout hall (a tenner for the afternoon :-) ) and then we hired a company called tropical inc - they brought it a range of animals for the kids to see and hold - It was brilliant - they bought the animals over to my son first who loved it and delighted at the squeals of some of the other kids. He was really proud to have a tarantula climb up his face. The other kids loved the event and some of then asked if we would do it again this year. Jack got loads of positive attention and all the parents were crooning over how special the party was. We got the kids fish and chips from the local chippy for food - it went down a storm . Maybe exotic animals aren't for your son - but perhaps you could try to find an entertainer activity where the person brings the activity to the kids rather than the other way round?

Mandyjm Sun 19-Oct-14 21:16:30

Not sure where you live ,but my son and his friends went to a place called keyhunter, this is in Birmingham , although I think there are similar places across the country with different names , that are similar in format It's a puzzle room and the team solve puzzles around a theme to escape the room within an hour they all really enjoyed it and escaped with seconds to spare.

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