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Holidays with wheelchairs

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whereonthestair Tue 30-Sep-14 16:55:44

Hi, I have been thinking of starting thus thread for a few days and the new topic has prompted me to do so.

I have a ds with cp, who uses a kaye walker, tripod sticks, a wheelchair and a trike. Anyway I am looking for how to find out about wheelchair accessible hotels in Europe. I am not that fussed about where, but want somewhere ds can swim, get in and out of a room, and dh and I have space too. We have managed by carrying over steps etc to date but it's not going to work much longer. I don't mind spending time online but this currently feels like a needle in a haystack.

Buzkashi Tue 30-Sep-14 18:39:06

Have you looked at Sorry if you have, but my brother and SIL recently had a great holiday in Barcelona with their two DC (both have limited mobility and their eldest is in a wheelchair) which they found that way.

whereonthestair Tue 30-Sep-14 20:09:22

That looks great, full of ideas already. I knew there had to be someone who'd specialise!

RevJoKing Thu 02-Oct-14 08:04:31

Best holiday site we have found is we stayed in one of their places this summer and it was amazing. It's not cheap but definitely the easiest website I have ever used and the quality of the accommodation and support was amazing.

Carojudd Thu 02-Oct-14 17:14:48

Just booked P&O med cruise for next summer (family of 5 one ds) through Disabled holiday directory, so helpful

FunkyZebraHat Thu 02-Oct-14 18:41:23

Hi whereonthestair. I'm an adult with a CP who uses a chair. I've not been abroad in a few years but when I have I've used to go to a couple of locations.

Or when I went to Madrid to visit a friend who lives there I just took a chance on booking a room I found online (her flat wasn't accessible) which was marked accessible. It didn't end up being 100% what I needed because it had a level access shower but no seat but they found me a plastic chair to use.

Another poster said about P&O - I've never cruised but I know several people with different levels of disability who swear by it.

Timbo1964 Fri 03-Oct-14 15:53:53

a friend of mine with CP has just come back from a cruise - he absolutely loved it. I have used accessible travel before to book a holiday to florida - an accessible villa owned by an adult wheelchair user - it was brilliant and accessibility seems so much better in the US. Another friend of mine who is a powered wheelchair user just spent a week at euro Disney in paris - they stayed at one of the Disney hotels and had a great time - they also had the advantage of being able to take their vehicle with them!

whereonthestair Fri 03-Oct-14 19:08:11

Thanks for all the ideas. A cruise is my idea of hell, but I can see why it may work. But as it would kill me I think I will look into villas etc

Mandyjm Sun 19-Oct-14 21:06:58

Hi I'm new to mumsnet , on a similar subject., to this thread i am looking at holidays next year , looking to go to main land Spain, flying into Alicante My daughter uses a power chair usually at home, provided by Whizz kidz which has really improved her independence. When we go on holiday we have generally taken her manual as it makes life easier with car hire, flying etc etc.anyway she wants to take her power chair next holiday .Does any know of any companies in Spain that hire out larger vehicles capable of carrying 4 of us a power chair luggage , complete with ramps etc

ZivaMcGee Sun 26-Oct-14 13:16:26

Mandyjm I don't know about renting WAV vehicles but several places abroad will hire out a powerchair - that might be an option? I paid £90 for a week several years ago. Obviously if you'd be driving a lot of places it wouldn't work very well but it would give her some independence.

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