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Childcare for DCs with SNs

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TruthSweet Wed 09-Sep-09 13:59:33


I'm posting on behalf of my brother and his DP. DB's DP has two DDs with SN (emotional/educational/some physical) aged 13 & 14 and also has a DS aged 6 (no SNs) and is hoping to find childcare for them all after school for general childcare & homework help as she is looking into new job opportunities. They are in West Sussex.

Does anyone know where would be best for her to look for childcare to match her requirements or does anyone know of anyone who would do this kind of childcare?

Many thanks.

PS cross posted on childminders board

donkeyderby Mon 28-Sep-09 16:04:38

Sorry, this was posted a while ago and didn't see it.

Most (all?) Local Authorities have a childcare information service which should be able to advise, though expertise on SN always debatable. Check the council website.

Possibilites include SN-friendly afterschool club (ours goes up to aged 16) or trying to access an inclusion grant to give extra support to SN DD's within a mainstream setting. Trouble is, at that age, not many mainstream clubs cater for teenagers as they are assumed to be independent.

Direct payments may be possible to get to employ your own worker - social services usually administrate this but not always.

There is also a childcare element of Tax Credits. It keeps changing it's name so not sure what it's called, but it allows you to employ a 'nanny' or home childcare worker. Depending on their wage, your brother and DP may be able to claim back up to 80% of childcare costs if they are both working 16 hours or more per week. Setting this up costs money though and the workers need certain qualifications which can be difficult to arrange and pay for.

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