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angry teenagers

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annemarier Mon 20-Jul-09 14:30:36

Does anyone else have a 14 (nearly 15 ) yr old daughter that is off the rails ? Has episodes of no respect, swears at me even says she wants me dead ! absolutely crazyness and physically tries to shove and punch me ,locks me out of the house ,throws things breaks things ,all in a moment of rage . She wants a reaction but most times doesn't get it ,after trying to dicipline her and failing . The psychologist (she has seen for mood swings and bad behavior etc for the past year ) sees her on her own and when I follow up her progress ,says Ineed to allow he more freedom and choices ..such as coming home from school at whatever time she wants and if she doesn't want to she just needs to text me and say she's safe. i'm not suppose to worry or impose any expectations . I cant believe there are no rules these days ! her dad is in another state and has his own anger management issues and doesnt know about this ...he wouldnt cope and would be extremely angry and alienate her furthar if he spoke to her .We have (daughter ) always been close and when she calms down she feels bad and regrets her behaviour, we talk and set boundries which is ok for a short time only. Please any advice ? She is like it pre menstrally ,some months more than others ...and I dont want to put her on the pill if i can help it !

mumblechum Tue 21-Jul-09 12:06:12

Hi bumping for you. You may get more responses in Teenagers rather than Special Needs.

No real advice, but sounds like you both need some help, maybe family therapy?

annemarier Wed 22-Jul-09 14:36:31

thank you ...yes ,new to this didnt see the site ..cheers

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