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WWYD? ok a rant

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2shoes Fri 10-Jul-09 22:29:02

dd is 14 and has severe cp. so she has to be fed.
a couple of years ago she had problems at lunchtime at school(sn) she had a couple of small fits, it was decided that it was due to her coughing and choking when eating. this was never a problem at home, but them there are more distractions at school.
so it was aggreed the her food would be mashed.
everything was fine, no more fits and dd was happy as it was easier for her.

today I was there at lunch, it was a special event so she got to pick what she had, she chose pasta,,,,,,,and they purreed it, ffs it was baby foot.
I was steaming, and have let them know I an so not happy.
what annoyed me the most was, I said NO WAY, that her food should be mashed or chopped finely(she eats fine at home) YEt I now have to wait for the SALT to assess her again.
so as a mum I have no rights..........

WetAugust Sat 11-Jul-09 16:53:42

That's crap 2shoes! WTF input is needed from a SALT over something like that? I know nothing about CP but I do know that they must take the wishes of your dau into consideration so if she can commicate with them get her to tell them she wants it mashed.

What is wrong with these People? angry

2shoes Sat 11-Jul-09 21:22:22

trouble is she is a mare, and says he likes it like that!!!
I have told her that I will ask for it to be mashed/cut up and if she is feeling lazy she can sign that she wants it pureed(we made up a sign lol)
bloody kids

WetAugust Sat 11-Jul-09 22:36:57

Bloody 'professionals' more like!

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