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Aspie (or other SN teens) at Uni

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WetAugust Sat 13-Jun-09 20:03:24

My Aspie son has just completed his first year at Uni. I found there was more help for him at Uni than there had been in College etc.

He claimed Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) which provides payment for a note-taker and someone to sit with him in the lecture hall (where he is most anxious). He also gets from the DSA a laptop, 3-in-one printer/scanner/ photocopier/ dictaphone for recrding lectures plus allownaces for print cartridges and batteries.

He gets 25% extra time in exmans and a room on his own.

As he gets DLA he is also entitled to Local Housing Allownace (formerly Housing Benefit) which pays some of his campus accommodation.

As a disabled student he also gets a Special Support Grant of approx £1200 (although that disqualifies him from any Maintenance Grant)

If your teen is planning to go to Uni start early - the spring before the Sept in which they start there and get the DSA claim in, speak to the Disabled Students Dept at the Uni etc.

Just thought this may help some of those with teens planning to go to Uni.

LollipopViolet Sun 14-Jun-09 17:55:38

I fully agree. Start as soon as they have a place. I've just done my first year, as the only visually impaired student on my film production course, and without DSA, would've hit serious issues.

Also, this was the first time I'd chosen my support, if your teen is able to do this, please let them, it's one of the few things I have control over regarding my impairment.

I'm just dreading next year because I think I need a note taker but am too stubborn to admit it!

springlamb Mon 15-Jun-09 19:06:00

Thanks, very informative. This may be on the cards for DS who is physically disabled, but let's see how the GCSEs go first! Ed Psych feels he should study journalism, at the moment DS feels he wants something in animal health but I don't know how he'd catch those pesky hamsters with only one good hand!

LollipopViolet Mon 15-Jun-09 20:46:13

springlamb, lots of people give me funny looks when I tell them my course, and my impairment. What about a giant net?

siblingrivalry Mon 15-Jun-09 21:00:35

Wetaugust, my dd is only 8 (with AS) but it's lovely to hear how well your son is doing -it gives me hope for the future.
Thanks for sharing smile

ilovegrapenuts Mon 15-Jun-09 21:55:44

WetAugust did your son receive DLA before he claimed DSA? Looking ahead for my HFA 15year old DS. Haven't claimed for DLA for him, but seems likely he will need extra support at Uni.

WetAugust Mon 15-Jun-09 22:18:38

ilovegrapenuts: Yes - he claimed DLA before DSA. The DSA is granted if you can provide evidence of disability or the need for extra assistance - it could be an Ed Pysch report. DSA is not dependant on receiving DLA.

The Special Support Grant also requires evidence of disability and being in receipt of DLA is sufficient evidence.

pickyvic Mon 15-Jun-09 22:26:51

hello you (to wet august)...guess what....ive just the famous Fckng form....

any tips? im busy putting it off at present...

ilovegrapenuts Tue 16-Jun-09 22:19:20

Thanks WetAugust (hope it's not this year!)

WetAugust Tue 16-Jun-09 23:05:45

Hi PickyVic

You have my symapthy sad. If you start now you should finish it by Christmas grin

pickyvic Wed 17-Jun-09 19:03:39

ive not even managed to bring myself to read through it all gonna have to search all my RK posts to find examples!

ill tackle it next very good at procrastination!

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