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periods and severe learning diffs

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missadasmith Tue 21-Nov-17 08:42:14

DD is almost 11. started developing breasts a while ago, no periods yet though. she has autism and severe learning difficulties and would not understand on a cognitive level if I were to talk to her about it.

how can I prepare her (and myself) for it? and how do you handle periods once they arrive?

I had a terrible time as a teen when mine started. heavy, painful, just awful. I don't think she would be able to cope with it.

her personal hygiene is pretty dire too and a different post all together.

vjg13 Wed 22-Nov-17 19:24:35

My daughter is now 19 and her periods started at about 13. She has SLD also, I talked about it a lot with her and said she saw some blood in her pants there was nothing to worry about and showed her the pads she would use, how it was part of growing up etc.

TBH the actual period part wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, she did find puberty very hard and seemed to spend about 3 years crying! We still haven't cracked it, she will not change pads unless heavily prompted but she isn't upset by it and none of it was as bad as anticipated. Her personal hygiene isn't great without reminders too!

pkraven Sun 26-Nov-17 20:44:52

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

annaghislena Thu 30-Nov-17 18:38:06

My friend has a daughter with Downs Syndrome and was invited to try out a new period underwear, (like regular briefs), which can be worn all day or all night and then washed in the machine and line dried. She was so happy with the outcome (no leakage and comfort was good) and felt it would make all the difference to the dreaded monthly! Can't say that it managed pain, obviously, but was a really great solution to the hygiene aspect and also diminished the need for the tricky changing of disposable pads and tampons. My sister-in-law has two autistic children and helps run a SNs charity so I am always looking out for sharing positive recommendations!

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