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Dyslexia getting worse with stress and tiredness in Y10

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Anonymum40 Mon 09-Oct-17 16:53:11

Does anyone have any experience of this with their children? We took DD out of her very pressurised state secondary at the end of Y8 as she was stressed and pressurised and had no confidence and no friends. We moved her to a very liberal local independent school and she flourished in Y9, got a glowing report and had several close friends.

However, now they have started the GCSE syllabus and they have started piling the homework on and DD is suffering again. She spends hours over homework and gets very tired and frustrated. I've noticed her spelling gets much worse when she is tired and stressed too and she makes more mistakes. She re-reads her work for mistakes but just doesn't see them. I'm really worried what this is going to mean for her when it comes to exam time.

We have a parents evening coming up next week so was hoping for some tips and ideas of what to say to the teachers and the SENCO. All suggestions welcome, thanks...

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