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Any ideas how to get a diagnosis of 19 year old?

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NellyNouNou Fri 06-Oct-17 19:39:05

DS has left school. We have long suspected he is somewhere on the autistic spectrum. Very intelligent but had behavioural problems at school. Had major battles with L.A. and schools to get him help. He got a dyslexia diagnosis but when GP referred him to a specialist they said they needed more evidence before they could even assess him. We provided loads of evidence and they could have got his records from the SPLD base who had input but didn't. We fought a long time and got nowhere . Probably didn't fight hard enough but by the time he got to secondary school he was very resistant to having outsiders involved and school were not helping. We focussed on getting him exam help with his dyslexia. Long story short he is going into the workplace now and I feel he needs a firm diagnosis and some recommendations for employers to follow and make adjustments for him if needed. He is a bit PDA (a lot at home) and I worry he will not be able to keep a job.

We had an independent Ed Psych ready to assess 2 years ago but she told us to wait and then didn't reply to my emails confused. Maybe she got a full time job I don't know.

He did agree to see GP again (a year ago) but i dont think he will and he is really not motivated enough. And I am fed up trying to get professionals to see what I see. I can afford to pay for a private assessment with some scrimping.

Any help or advice or recommendations in London Essex or Herts would be greatly appreciated.

Pixiedust1973 Fri 13-Oct-17 00:27:50

I just got my 18 year old assessed under CAMHS after similar issues to your son. She ended up having meltdowns about going to college & literally couldn't cope. We were lucky that the lady we saw was leaving in 2 weeks & pushed her assessment though despite her being 18 a month after first appointment. She is now on Sertraline (anti depressants) & they seem to be helping her anxiety & depression.

In your situation I feel that you would be best getting a private dx tbh as your son would come under adult services & it would take some time to get a dx. I completely agree with all your reasons for getting the dx & those were exactly my reasons for pushing my daughter, despite her reluctance. I actually bribed her with £50 to do the assessment but she was still refusing. Thankfully the ladies assessing were patient & sent me out & managed to get what they needed. They told me she should of been dx 10 years ago when I had initially referred her & she was dismissed as "just shy" Good luck.

NellyNouNou Wed 25-Oct-17 08:56:19

Thanks Pixie.

Stopmakingsense Wed 25-Oct-17 16:00:05

My 19 year old was diagnosed with ASD this year. She was willing to have it done. Was having help with anxiety, depression and other issues. It was the 2nd psychiatrist she saw who referred her for an NHS autism diagnosis. That took about 4 months (3 different assessments in that time). That gives a secure diagnosis that is in line with standard practice - sometimes with a private diagnosis there are shortcuts. It didn't do anything beyond that tho - so no practical advice on adjustments in the workplace etc, which might get with a private practitioner. It has been really helpful for her tho.

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