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Ds on self destruct at school, waiting for ADHD medication

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Bond Thu 28-Sep-17 22:31:31

I beleive Ds has had ADHD all his life. He struggled in primary school and was assessed but I think because it was only in schol and not home where he had problems we were just told he was mild and nothing they could do. Primary school micro managed his issues and he just about made it through ok.

He started secondary school last September and he has been on a slow decline since then. He got into a terrible state just before the summr holidays - being sent out of class for fidgeting and distracting, fall outs with friends and feeling like everyone thinks he is the weird kid, problems on the bus and then refusal to do homework or anything to be involved with the family at home.

Things calmed down over the holidays and he build his self esteem back up and was happy again. Now, only two weeks into year 8 he is already been in isolation, sent out of class and is seriously struggling.

At the end of the Summer term I took him to the Drs for a refferal to our local Childrens Centre to be tested. We finally had our appointment on the 18th September. The Dr agreed Ds definitly has ADHD and possibly partly aspegers because of the social issues.
He said that because of previous testing and parenting courses etc I had been on, that medication was the next step.

He said in two days he would send out emails to home and school to complete the Connors questionnaire online to start the process to get the medication. I have now been waiting nearly two weeks and they claim the link to the online forms are not working and there is nothing they can do!!.

It is so frustrating as i can see Ds deteriorating daily. He was excluded from class at day today and we have had tears and upset all night. I have a meeting with his year head tomorrow as he wants to discuss his behaviour but i do not think they are taking ADHD into account as he hasnt formally been diagnosed as yet i guess.

I think i am going to demand some SENCO assistance and I have heard the word "statemented" before and wonder if this happenned he might get some extra help.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom that might help.
I just desperately want to get him on some medication that might make his life slightly easier.

Thanks in advance

Bond Thu 28-Sep-17 22:32:16

I forgot to say Ds is curretly 13 x

Squeegle Sun 01-Oct-17 10:41:37

I'm so sorry you are having this. I know just what it's like. You need to let the school know, go and have a meeting with the SENCO, he is being assessed and ask them to test your son with the right degree of understanding . Make sure you out everything in writing.
You need to get in touch with GP: Camhs or whoever is involved with the assessment and ensure they know he is in danger of having big problems at school and that his assessment is urgent.

In my experience the schools punish first, but if you push and ask for the right treatment for ADHD they get there in the end, but it is not easy. How did you get on with head of year? So much can depend on the personality involved.

Squeegle Sun 01-Oct-17 10:44:14

Sorry - that should have been the school needs to treat your son with the right degree of understanding

I have found the ADD-Vance charity tonne very helpful to me, they are in herts so it depends where you are, but hopefully there will be something local - and you can call them up wherever you are. Also SENDIASS and Ipsea for advice on what duties the school have towards your son. But push as hard as you can for his assessment first.

Squeegle Sun 01-Oct-17 10:45:26

In my son's case medication has helped, but empathy from the school is the biggest most important thing for him

Bond Sun 01-Oct-17 11:28:50

Thanks for the replies. Have finally received a paper connects questionnaire. Hopefully school has had one too. Worryingly though I also received an appointment letter for February 2018 for Drs yesterday. What on earth can this be for?. This can’t seriously be the next available appointment!!!!. The Dr said he hoped to get medication for ads by the October Half term. Ds will have been excluded from scho by then, he just can’t cope atm. Had a meeting at school last Friday, they do seem quite helpful and have given Ds an exit card to use in class if it’s all getting too much and he can remove himself to the blue room for some time out. Hopefully that help him but I can’t wait until next February for help 😵

Squeegle Sun 01-Oct-17 12:41:36

No you can't wait till then. I had the same thing with my DS, he was in the verge of being excluded so I just had to keep ringing and doing what I could to get him to the top of the queue.

Squeegle Sun 01-Oct-17 12:47:14

It would be great if you could get prescription for the half term. It's not a miracle but it does help. But what also helps is the school being much more understanding about things like not sitting still, impulsivity and disorganisation. So keep on at them and make sure it's on his profile and that all the teachers are aware.

scrabble1 Sat 11-Nov-17 11:50:29

Prescription shouldn't be an issue. Don't be fobbed off.

pinkiekel Sun 12-Nov-17 17:11:30

Hello there. I'm in the same situation with my son. He's nearly 13 and for the last 8 months I've been waiting for his assessment appointment to come tho. I, the school and doctors all believe there he is showing signs of ADHD and Austim. Both me and the school have sent the conners questionnaires back and they have send further assessment is needed. I'm at the end of my tether. If it takes much longer to get a diagnosis he is going to be excluded from school. I really hope it doesn't take much longer, we both need help asap

Bond Mon 13-Nov-17 16:57:39

It’s a horrible waiting game isn’t it, especially when you can see your child melting down. I really feel like we got lucky with the right Dr this time round. Two days after the Dr receiving the completed Conor’s questionnaires, I was down the hospital collecting the medication. I would make a complete nuisance of yourself with the Drs secretary. Push, push and push some more until you get what your need.
You are the only person who can stand up for your child and the system is so long and ridiculous. I figured the best way was to pester until they sorted my case out just to get rid of me.
Good luck xxx

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