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Does my son need some help

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Justturned50 Mon 25-Sep-17 13:56:04

My almost 17 yr old is struggling with anxiety most of which can be explained by his diffculty with change going into 6th form and some relationship issues (girls) which are fairly easy to deal with. I am however worried about a recent issue with a revamp of his bedroom. The addition of a new bookcase has completely thrown him. He hates that we've changed things - almost to the point of tears. He says he can't bring himself to move his books into the new bookcase, but doesn't know why. Is this behaviour odd or fairly typical of a teen who loves his dark, damp cluttered room?

Squidgems Tue 17-Oct-17 00:28:55

Hi I've just come back to this subforum and just wanted to say it's typical behaviour unfortunately.

My son is 21 and his room was a hovel with dark brown walls and minging carpet. As he hates paint fumes I decided to get get a decorator in when he was with his dad for two weeks.

When he came back he would not even go in his room and look at the new colour scheme! In fact it took a couple of months before he would even go in the room.

People with ASD hate change. Even now my son talks about me paying to have the walls repainted dark brown and to have laminate put down on top of the brand new carpet! In the meantime the room is returning back to a hovel state despite my requests to him to clean it up.

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