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eggsandwich Tue 18-Apr-17 20:34:39

Anyone applied for esa for there teenager/young adult, I am now 7 months waiting for an assessment for my son, Jesus does it really take this long?
I've chased it up but have been told it does take a long time before you get called for an interview if at all, the thing is my son gets a discresary bursary now he is in year 12 but until he get a letter stating that he is entitled to esa I am unable to apply for a guaranteed bursary he would of left school by the time it's sorted one way or another, plus I'm fed up of getting fit notes from the doctor, the last doctor I spoke too asked if he was still Autistic and had severe learning difficulties and had his condition improved.
I mean seriously!! I just said no miracle accured yet.

Shboogiebop Sun 30-Apr-17 10:33:47

Just wanted to say it's so frustrating when people are that ignorant! Can't help as I haven't applied for ESA, my son got a bursary for college but I guess that was because he is getting DLA. Does your son not get that or PIP?

eggsandwich Sun 30-Apr-17 17:21:19

Hi, thanks for answering and yes he gets PIP it was the school who said should he get esa and his attendance was good they would apply for a guaranteed bursarywhich is a lot more and the funds would be used to purchase an IPad and software to help with his communication but as it seems he's still in the assessment phase of his esa application and we're still waiting now 8 months we've brought one with his PIP money.

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