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12yo being assessed

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Nipplesunited Tue 04-Apr-17 23:21:10

I have suspected for years something was different. I brought it up many times in primary to be fobbed off.
I knew how to deal with him and the school was doing fine. Until he hit comp.
His behaviour deteriorated massively. He is at the point of exclusion. They are "containing" him to help get his assessment so he can be placed in a school that can support him best.

He is such a loving, kind, well mannered people pleasing boy. He seems to have a lack of understanding though and this can cause great stubborness, frustration and anger. The school brings out the worst in him.
He takes things so literal. So i have learned to word things exactly how i mean it. I rarely have any outbursts. Ive also learned that i can never give an inch otherwise he thinks he can take a mile. The school with individual teachers - i can understand how difficult it would be to teach him in that kind of environment. In primary theyre allocated one teacher so i suppose its easier for the teacher to adapt to their ways and vice versa.

Im posting in the hopes someone may have been through similar.

I get phone calls from the school saying hes done this and done that.
Yet i walk my dog and i hear from a lot of other dog walkers (all local) - guaranteed every other day, if not every day. I am being told how lovely my boy is. I get told he is so pleasant, very polite and very friendly.

I just wish the school could catch a glimpse of this

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