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20 yr old son EHC plan

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Winifred86 Tue 28-Mar-17 16:23:58

I'm new here so forgive my longhand. Son has dyslexia, psychosis and asd which was diagnosed at 18. He wants to go to college in September but has been classed high needs and needs an EHC plan in place. He was on school action plus at school but since leaving has been diagnosed asd. I don't know how to fill in 'about you ' form. Any help greatly appreciated

IndigoSister Wed 29-Mar-17 09:45:42

I think all local authorities should have an independent group to help parents with the EHCP process. Can you contact the SENCO at his school or college to ask for the details of the organisation in your area? Or the local children's or adults disability team?

My sons just transferring to an EHCP so I'm afraid I haven't filled it out yet. At a guess you should put things such as who he lives with, what he likes to do, aspirations, things he'd like help with, things that made him sad or frustrated. Interests he has, etc.

Winifred86 Wed 29-Mar-17 14:51:38

Just had lady from Sendiass (think that's right) come to my house and spent 2 1/2 hours helping me and ds fill in form couldn't have done it without her. Amazing. We live in Suffolk don't know if its nationwide. It's a very vague form but they want specific answers. Not as easy as it seems and I'm good at forms and far from stupid so help definitely needed. She has even offered to come to meetings and explained the whole process and emailed the Sen team for me.

IndigoSister Wed 29-Mar-17 17:55:49

Great news

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