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DS has 'something' - how do i find out what?!

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NaturevNuture Tue 28-Feb-17 15:16:03

So I've been waiting for a CAHMS assessment for my DS aged 14 for over a year. I am told he may have ASD, or maybe ADHD or maybe he needs to see an OT. Many of his teachers suggest medication to help him focus. We live in Berks/Surrey so any suggestions?

He is running out of time for help prior to his GCSEs, at present he is disinterested, disruptive and under-achieving despite being a very bright kid with predicted grades of 8/9 if he 'can focus himself'. He can't - so I have managed to get BUPA coverage to go private to see if we can get help but where do I go?! My GP can't recommend someone in the private sector which is not helpful although they are sympathetic and will write a referral to whoever I like.

And I also paid for several months of a psychologist/psychotherapist but he isn't motivated to try anything they suggested.

Any advice appreciated!

blankmind Thu 02-Mar-17 15:04:16

Private assessments by an Educational Psychologist which will identify areas of need and satisfy exam boards. Also perhaps SLT if there's a language difficulty identified by the Ed Psych and for good measure a Sensory OT.

Teachers shouldn't be suggesting medication for anything, they aren't qualified to do so. However, all you can do is make progress now.

Doesn't your son's school have a list of Ed Psychs and other professionals they would use to identify any needs?? If not, contact your local authority and ask for the name(s) of the ones they use, many have NHS and private patients. If you use a professional that the local authority endorse, there will be a lot less difficulty if you need funding for support for your son later on.

"he isn't motivated to try anything they suggested."
That's pretty much par for the course, you need to prompt or take charge in whichever way works for your son to ensure interventions are carried out.

In the meantime, scour the internet for resources for helping focus, there are loads around, use whatever he responds favourably to.

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