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Help 20 yr As male teen being evicted from supported housing!

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sarah876 Tue 21-Feb-17 13:38:33

I just need some advice.
My son lives in supported housing but is being evicted for cannabis use or smelling of it. He has until the 15th March. This is the second place he has been evicted for smelling of cannabis. I can not have it at home because his general attitude is poor. He has no concept of respecting other people (although he is generous) and the amount of help i have tried to give him. He has now been involved with all sorts of agencies e.g social services...CAMHS ( think its called that) SE at college. He has been kicked out of college now sad Doctors, pshycosis first contact team and everytime i get help he refuses it saying they are all c*nts and he doesnt want it on his record because it will mess his future up yet here we are still with no idea what to do. It breaks my heart to see him either anxious, depressed or frustrated and paranoid. He is 20 now....what can i do? If I had him home it would be so hard. My other children are hugely affected by his behaviour as he finds it funny to wind them up to the point of madness....then it has to be his way or he causes arguments until he gets his way......he goes to the gym almost every day is 6ft 3 and talks to me like i have to do as he says so that is why i can not have him here but he really does need some help. I honestly feel that there is something else other than Aspergers going on with him. Hopefully going to the docs with him soon to see if they will give him a letter for the council so they will at least give him temp accomadation until he can bid for his own place as before they refused to house him because he didnt have mental problems and being autistic was not enough.
Anyone got any ideas.......Other organisations that may be able to help?

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