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Diagnosing ASD in nearly teenage girl

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RebootYourEngine Wed 04-Jan-17 21:27:36

Posting on behalf of a friend.

Her dd is nearly 13years old. She suffers from an ongoing medical condition, such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, one that nots life threatening but uncurable.

She has been having a lot of problems lately with behaviour and last week her paediatrician suggested getting her tested for ASD.

My friend would like to know what this testing involves, is it easy to get the right diagnosis at this age, what happens if there is an ASD diagnosis for example what happens with regards to school.

user1471537877 Mon 09-Jan-17 08:51:55


Didn't want to leave you un answered, DD was assessed at the same age if you look up ados you will find more information

Basically questionnaires go to school, parents and child is reviewed by paediatrician

May also have a speech and language assessment, be prepared for non diagnosis as girls are not so easily spotted so it's quite common to get to this age

As for school it will all depend on what difficulties it presents for her in the way she accesses her education

If she's having coping problems then they may help devise coping strategies

If she already has an EHCP for her other problems it will be incorporated, if she doesn't she may need one to ensure she is able to engage with her education to achieve her potential

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