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Aspergers anxiety ideas help needed

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Justgowithit Mon 21-Nov-16 19:24:25

My son is 16yrs old and has just gone into 6th form. He has an ASD diagnosis and he's really struggling since getting spots on his face. He feels he can't show his face to anyone and he's very anxious and embarrassed, despite his friends suffering from spots too.
All chats have not helped and he's now getting to the point where he can't attend school. He actually only has 2 spots at the moment but to him they are terrible and he feels unable to speak. We are being supportive generally and trying to keep him in school by offering a safety net that we will collect him if he feels too anxious. The last three school days we've had to get him because he says he can't cope with the anxiety.
Any ideas please?

notagiraffe Mon 16-Jan-17 22:57:21


Only just seen this post and it's months later, but if your asd son is like mine - these problems hang around and don't resolve easily.

My own son seems pretty clear that CBT style intervention doesn't work for him very well, and it may be that the asd brain doesn't respond to it that easily but have you tried that tactic? Because he may be able to tap into his logical side and acknowledge that lots of people have spots. People with spots all around the world are doing things out there in the world. He can't get rid of the spots but he can make an effort to change his attitude which is what's causing him problems. I'm sure you've already tried this, but just in case you haven't, thought it worth mentioning.

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