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no dishwasher in supported living house would you take it?

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cestlavielife Thu 17-Nov-16 18:00:26

possible option on a council house for supported living share with one other 24/7 rotating staff...all good but no dishwasher. I've suggested kitchen cupboard be altered to fit slimline dishwasher - they not sure...
son asd sld can load dishwasher but cant wash up safely.
so it would mean support staff would have to do washing by hand...
would that be an issue ?
no dishwasher means supported living wont lead to Independence in terms of washing up...

StillMedusa Fri 18-Nov-16 18:35:35

Yes I'd take it .
Or, all else being satisfactory, I certainly wouldn't turn the house down on those grounds, as alternatives may have dishwasher but fewer staff, too many people sharing etc etc!

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