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Girl age 11

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Amax6 Sun 16-Oct-16 21:44:24

My daughter is just 11 and started secondary school ,
We hve been having problem / difficulties with her since a baby , constant crying , used to kick off in certain shops even as a new born , over the years she has developed some obsession watching the same film over and over or having to visit a particular thing 5. 6 times aday ,
At primary age she has always been wildly behind and cannot keep friendships ( mainly I think because of the way she over reacts at things ) .
Although she liked the routine of primary school and would often be stressed on school holidays,
At home she's hard work has regular melt downs , shouts all the time just her sibling for no apparent reason, answers back kicks wall etc , and eats like no tomorrow , also she lies( well possible confabulation) cannot cope with changes in thing such as too many visitors siblings or her own birthday party's seems ungrateful. Baths 4 or more times a day changes clothes all the time although will wear dirty clothes and not brush teeth or hair unless prompted , but then results in her kicking off, Anyway because she was well behaved albeit abnormally quite at primary they didn't believe there was an issue , she has since hd a speech and language assessment which shows she has a significant complex processing disorder , she also had a Ados (?) test which she scored slightly below what was needed.
Since starting secondary school she's showing more problems at school and is becoming more difficult at home , but I am still fighting to get her help she has a senco and has had one even at primary ( even though they stated she is fine! But I feel she needs more help or she's going to end up alone no friends etc also our other children are really separating from her . I am beginning to struggle myself I have mental health problems and at current time I feel I can't cope with the mess much longer.
Anyone have any ideas what I can do to help my dd pls

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