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College residential

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Jetcatisback Fri 07-Oct-16 15:41:12

I'm fed up sad

DD (19) is autistic (high functioning) and epilepsy - only diagnosed three years ago and after an awful initial year has been stable for the past 2.

She is very very excited about a college trip abroad (for 7 nights), she got the all clear from her neurologist etc to go. I emailed college last week to arrange an appointment to go in and discuss support arrangements etc - heard nothing back.

DD has just text, in tears, saying that unless college will fund support for her to go (which she has been told is unlikely), she can't go. No discussion, no looking at alternatives (I was going to offer to pay the cost of the trip for her support worker as she's fab) just she's probably not going to go.

DD is heartbroken. She was also excluded from her sports club's activity weekend on the grounds that they 'wouldn't have the staff available to deal with her needs' - ie making sure she is up on the morning, where she needs to be during the day etc. they even refused my suggestion of her younger sister (who was also going) being a young carer for her. It was a blanket no.

And here we are again. My heart is breaking for her, she desperately wanted to go and I'm unsure how to put a positive spin on this sad so I'm looking for ideas?

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