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17yo, boyfriend, poor thinking skills & staying safe

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TeenAndTween Thu 08-Sep-16 20:14:15

My eldest has very poor day to day common sense / judgement. She can't think of possible consequences to actions. She doesn't think through risks to anything to take avoiding action in advance.

She is emotionally vulnerable due to her past.

She has a boyfriend for one year. Boyfriend has equally poor skills. Since very early on they have been in a rush, unsafe behaviour, full on commitment, talking about being together for always, talking about marriage, wanting to move in together after college.

We are knocking heads because her thinking actions/consequences etc skills are like a much younger teen (or worse), but she wants to act like she is 25. We want her to be safe, to grow up to be independent but to take things one step at a time.

How to others cope with SN kids, hormones, staying safe etc?

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