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Maggiemiller123 Wed 25-May-16 11:16:32

Can anybody please clarify what the actual law is on my son attending a speacialist college from Septeber with added curriculum he is 15yrs old and will be sixteen in December. The local authority say he can not attend until a year in September. The college are happy to accept him if the local authority agree "which they are not " the college also has a specialist school but think he would be better placed in their college with guidance from the school. The LA will not actually tell me if that is there policy or actually the education law. I have managed to get him an EHPC plan which is being written at the moment and mainstream school is not an option anymore.Please any advise would be appreciated, no body seems to be able to help.
Thank you

Runningtokeepstill Wed 25-May-16 14:55:18

Don't know the answer, but there was provision made for 14 - 16 year olds to attend FE colleges for some course although I believe it hasn't happened in the same way in all areas (that is I think some areas embraced this and others didn't). So I expect it is possible your son could go to the college but I don't know if the LA has a legal right to veto it.

Hopefully someone with more experience of EHCPs (I'm just starting out with my 16 year old) will be along soon. I assume you are trying to get this college named in your EHCP.

There's an EHCP thread in Special Needs Chat at the moment and it might be better to repost in there, or start a new thread if you feel it's more appropriate. There are other parents of teenagers posting there and on the Special Needs Children as this board tends to be a bit quiet.

cavolonero Sat 11-Jun-16 15:21:39

Contact the national autistic society. They have an education advice may need to get legal advice and challenge your local authority at a tribunal.

Also,IPSEA has been recommended to me but I've not used them yet,they give independent advice for Sen education and ehcps.

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