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Autism in Girls

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NicolaJHeady45 Thu 28-Apr-16 14:47:26

Is anyone experiencing or has experienced the same thing as we have with regards to Autism in girls. We are having a rollercoaster of a time with our beautiful 11 year old daughter not going into details but it's been hell. Getting any help has been seriously impossible. Which is why we have started our petition to help girls with autism access services quickly not over long drawn out months or years. Any feedback would be great x

GlassCircles Thu 28-Apr-16 15:37:57

Hello smile I just happened to see this in Active convos - you'll probably get a lot more views and responses if you post this message in SN Children and/or SN Chat as they are much busier

NicolaJHeady45 Thu 28-Apr-16 16:38:03

Thank you so much x smile

pamhill64 Sun 07-Aug-16 22:41:48

Signed and shared the petition. Hope it helps! Just delving into the AS Girls world ourselves. DD2 is almost 14 and we've been "in the system" since she was little, with no one taking us seriously. Until high school and now agencies are actually looking and agreeing she probably has AS and maybe ADHD or PDA. But it's always "one more test" or "haven't got anyone to do said test"! Plus girl-symptoms are quite different to boys it would seem and tests are devised for boys! Makes you want to scream in frustration!
Her behaviour is awful, we totally have little idea how to handle it or change it positively as "normal" parenting tips/rules don't work. You punish her by taking some privilege away and she'll tell you she doesn't care- and she truly doesn't! Same things again and again! Makes you want to cry frankly!
So here's to all ASD parents who do battle daily and hope to win the race one day! 💐👍😜

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