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ATOS Assessment for PIP

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heavenlypink Fri 22-Jan-16 22:31:26

DS has received DLA for several years and renewals have never been a problem. His initial problems centred around severe speech and language delay, problems with coordination and motor skills, general learning difficulties and epilepsy. Some of these issues have improved but it is more than obvious he is not a 'normal' 18 year old. His epilepsy is slightly erratic at the moment and last year he (or rather we) were diagnosed with a variable genetic disorder which explains all of his difficulties. He also had a Statement of Special Needs throughout all of his primary/secondary education and the LA have now also agreed to assess for an EHC Plan which will be finalised soon.

(Sorry for this long winded bit - I didn't want to drip feed information)

So at the of last year I had to start the process for PIP and unfortunately finally I have received a letter calling him for assessment. There have been so many horror stories of people with medical issues being knocked back and I am puzzled as to how a 'health professional' will assess him. I've read some of the ways that they try to 'trip people up and the illogical thought processes they use. Also DS is heavily reliant on me to explain things otherwise he can be inclined to say he has no problem doing things. I don't want to "coach" him on possible replies as he will sound like he's reading a script and I'm worried about butting in too much as it may sound like I'm putting words into his mouth.

I can't recall seeing any similar threads to this so probably a long shot but any advice gratefully received.

frazzledbutcalm Sun 24-Jan-16 12:04:48

Dd had her PIP assessment a few months back. I was dreading it! I went with her as she doesn't like talking to others. Our experience was lovely! The lady was very nice, I talked and explained LOTS. She talked to dd mainly but also talked to me, was ok when I explained things, was generally very lovely.

I would let your ds say whatever he feels comfortable with, but also say as much as you want to yourself. I've heard horror stories also so I guess you can only hope to get someone nice! If all else fails, I've heard the success rate at appeal is very high/good.

Good luck. flowers

heavenlypink Sun 24-Jan-16 12:18:15

Thank you so much frazzled thanks]

On paper it is blindingly obvious he is not "normal" but I don't want to be complacent. He is just beginning the process in transferring over to Adult Services and there are various appointments and assessment ongoing so I'm hoping is needs be they will help with an appeal

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