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Aspie DS and trying to arrange to meet friends also aspie, beam me up!!

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JemimaPuddled Sun 03-May-15 14:47:12

Jeez, give me strengthgrin. Is there an easy way to get round this?! Two lads with communication difficulties, goodness me they're making it so flippin complicated! Tips please?!

blankgaze Sun 03-May-15 17:25:40

First time, you contact the other lad's Mum and sort it out then tell the lads how it's going to be and facilitate it.
Second time, you and other Mum guide the lads, third time they arrange provisionally themselves, then come to the mums for approval.

JemimaPuddled Sun 03-May-15 22:23:56

Its the first one and that's pretty much what we did, sent dhs phone number via text to ds and his friend's mum rang it. Phew. Yes will have to do that, we were really hoping that at 14&15 they might have a clue by now, but apparently not. Trying to support them to be more independent without interfering is quite a fun balance to strike wine

JemimaPuddled Sun 03-May-15 22:24:46

Thank you blank flowers

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