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Help please, we don't know where to start....

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Lynnie69 Sat 14-Feb-15 08:30:22

This is my first post...
My 17 year old son has always struggled at school but worked incredibly hard. He was also badly bullied - we think he has very mild cognitive learning difficulty and takes a bit longer to learn things but is great once he gets the hang of them. He was doing an apprenticeship but has been told he's not keeping up and they are letting him go. He is devastated and his confidence is now at rock bottom. He wants to work/go to college but doesn't have a clue where to start and I'm keen that we support him to make the right choice and avoid him having the same experience. Help please - all advice gratefully received!

KidsNLP123ABCCoach Sat 14-Feb-15 19:15:16

Hi Lynnie. You say that you think your son has a very mild cognitive learning difficulty. You also say that he was also badly bullied. Can your son be checked by a psychologist for a learning disability and the effects of the bullying? It might be that he is afraid in the learning/working environment which is why he finds it difficult to keep up.

Businesses now are encouraged to make allowances for learning disabilities. If they are not aware of the problem they might mistake his problem for lack of interest. I hope this link helps you and your son.

homework Mon 16-Feb-15 15:03:34

Lynnie have you looked at further educational collages , more vocational type courses , this route might suit him better , maybe doing level 2 or if he's got good gcse results level 3 . They do courses that cover lots of different things , so finding something that suit your son abilities and personality . Lots of these collages can be very supportive him you explain in advance needs , so supports in place from the off .
Your son sounds a lot like mines and he's just been for interview for collage and course , although will cost me for his accommodation whilst there , I know this is the right choice for him . Have look around and see what's avaiable for September for him , also look at young citizen award program for the summer for him to increase his confidence . It's four weeks cost fifty pounds and they do week of adventure activities , week learning about interview / jobs / courses type stuff , week living in halls to learn how to look after yourself and last week in helping on a local project , so can cover loads of different things from building paths , to helping the elderly .

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