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Aspie son still has baby blanket?

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RobynZ Wed 11-Feb-15 05:05:45

Hi. My 15 year old son still has his baby blanket, it goes almost everywhere with him. He told me it's his comforter and won't get rid of it. I'm fine with him having it in the house and wherever we go on holiday but he wants to start taking it into school and hold a corner of it when he feels nervous. Surely if someone saw he'd get bullied? I don't know how to tell him no! Help?

KristinaM Wed 11-Feb-15 05:17:28

My NT 15 year old still has her baby toy which she sleeps with . I don't think its that unusual . Why woudl you want him to get rid of it ?

Can't he just put it in his blazer pocket? Would he let you cut off a small section which woudl be small enough ?

RobynZ Wed 11-Feb-15 05:29:20

He will never let me cut a small bit off. He wants to take the whole thing in and put it in his bag!

KristinaM Wed 11-Feb-15 05:32:34

That sounds like a good plan then. Do you need to get a bigger bag so it fits ?

I doubt anyone will see it. They will just think he is lookimg in his bag for something . He could put it inside one of these drawstring bags they use for their PE kit, to keep it clean and stop it getting caught on pencils and pens

blankgaze Mon 16-Feb-15 14:18:18

* He wants to take the whole thing in and put it in his bag*

I'd say NO, get him to find something else that's not so obvious as a fiddle toy for school, but leave the blanket strictly for home and 'private' use.

Possible worst case....If a bully saw it at school - and they seem to have a radar for anything 'different' don't they - how would he cope not just with the embarrassment of it being public knowledge/all over social media that he has it, but with it being stolen, used to taunt him or make him do stupid things to try and get it back and then likely destroyed in front of him, all to humiliate him whilst they watch or even worse film his reaction for their entertainment. sad

mummytime Mon 16-Feb-15 14:42:32

Still having the blanket is not a problem (I won't tell you how old my DS is who still has his "snuggy" and he's NT).
Taking it into school is not a good idea. Try to negotiate on something else that will do instead.

However my biggest concern is just how stressed he must be to want this now, having reached the age of 15.

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