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CAMHS West Sussex

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1footy Sat 16-Aug-14 17:21:15

Hoping that some of you here will have had experience with CAMHS as I have myself. We unfortunately had a pretty bad experience, and although I'm hoping others did receive better care from other parents, I suspect that may not be the case.

Anyway they are currently over hauling the service which is good news but are looking for feedback. This can be from the patient themself, you as a parent, a sibling or any other carer. Feedback no matter how long or short will be appreciated I'm sure.

You can either download, fill in and email the file or there is an online surgery. It's totally anonymous too.


ChickyEgg Sun 25-Jan-15 17:27:05

The first question asked though, is 'what is your name?'

I have had mixed experiences with CAMHS. Once my DS got the right psychologist it worked for us. The first one he had wasn't great. Our next experience with CAMHS (a different office/different town) has been crap. Signed us off but didn't tell us and don't return calls.

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