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Lighthearted thread - Aspergers teen lying/saying opposite. Is this normal or a phase or something?

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LynetteScavo Wed 02-Oct-13 20:01:34

DS1 (14yo) has started doing this recently. For example his bedroom door sticks, and this morning DH pulled his door closed because we were having some platering done in the house, and DS had to kick his door to open it. I heard the banging and crashing and went up and asked "Did you get into your room?" to which he replied "No" cue much laughter from him. He was literally rolling on the floor clutching his belly.

Also, at the weekend my DM went to my house while I was out. I knew this as I saw her pulling into our road as I was driving away. When I came home I asked DS if Granny came while I was out. He said no, and then giggled for about half an hour.

Is this a stage or something? I'm presuming he will go past this and eventually be able to lie? confused

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