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As ds(13) swearing and using obscene agressive language

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cavolonero Mon 25-Mar-13 09:27:12

My 13 yr old has had a diagnosis of high functioning aspergers for 2 yrs.he has ocd's and can be very anxious.In yr 8 at school .For the past few months his behaviour towards me has become increasingly aggressive and abusive.he says he is copying language used at school.Its constant now,very bad swearing,shouting and obscene,sometimes sexually explicit..As he is now taller than me and there are no other adults around I shut the door on him to block it out,confronting hm has had no effect.I'm beginning to feel very depressed by this.
He has had counselling from CAHMS before but I'm not sure if its appropriate here - is this just spoilt bad behaviour or because of his aspergers?

thriftychic Fri 10-May-13 13:54:46

hi ,
i have been having this with my ds2 , hes 14 and diagnosed with AS . he only really does it when hes got really angry now and things havent gone his way but the things he says to us are awful !
tbh i am still slightly worried that my ds2 hasnt got AS at all but just bad behaviour so i may not be the best to advise .
I have tried a few things and nothing really seems to work brilliantly. at the moment the best seems to be our swear jar. I started giving ds2 £1 per day that he spoke politely to me etc for his own money box then i put a jar in the kitchen and said that it was for all of us , anyone that swore or called names had to pay 50p . The fact that it included the whole family seemed to be the thing that made him accept it better.

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