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Travelling around London with disabled teenager

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Roseformeplease Sat 02-Mar-13 15:40:41

I may, I the future, be running a school trip with a disabled teenager. We run the trip (residential, in London) every year but this is my first time with someone in a wheelchair. We usually travel by tube and on foot and stay in zone 1. I would be very grateful for any help / advice. She is in an electric chair but can, for very short periods, manage a few steps (ie onto a bus or in an emergency) but suffers from a very severe skin condition so "sheds" a lot. We usually do all the sights. Most will be fine and we will pay for a taxi as transport (unless that is unnecessary) and there will be a full time carer.

I would really welcome help with planning this and what we can / cannot do. Are there any venues that are impossible (Tower of London?) or any that are particularly good that we can add to the trip for everyone. We usually do Museums, theatre, Eye, boat trip, cinema, double decker bus tour.

Are there websites or groups that might offer advice / help?

Thanks so much.

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