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Anyone experienced ASD Teens with Gender Issues ?

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EverybodyKnows Thu 17-Jan-13 11:27:58

That's it really - my nearly 13 resident DSD, who is also diagnosed with ASD, has been struggling with this, especially in the past year. She is is currently seen by a psych team at CAMHS for several other issues such as self-harming, self image and social communication problems.

She has confirmed to us last year that she prefer girls. Fine with us, this is not an issue.

She currently uses binding and clothes to look like a boy and lately has been obsessively researching Transgendered , FTM sites and is looking up packing and the such.

I feel we must handle this sensibly and try to give her the space to express herself. However, we are questionning ourselves because she tends to have very powerful obsessions, lasting from a few months to years, which completely fill her thoughts and days. OTOH, we feel we must manag this carefully as if it is really what she wants, she will need a lot of support with it IYSWIM


Ericaequites Tue 16-Jul-13 02:52:03

I'm a lesbian with Aspergers married to a transman. I just wondered how things were going with your stepdaughter. Have you contacted Mermaids? They are a UK support group for trans children.

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