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Aspergers DS (13) now has no special interest.

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LynetteScavo Tue 20-Nov-12 19:47:33

This is obviously a minor problem, but as he's always had an obsession interest, and now he hasn't, it's making me feel rather unsettled.

He's saying nothing interests him. At all. It's like a little bit of him has died

Also he needs to do a speech at school for English. In the past this has always been really easy for him...he never prepared, he just stood up, and talked.

Is it likely he will find another special interest soon?

LynetteScavo Wed 21-Nov-12 18:39:15

OK, he is going to do his talk at school about...motorway service stations.

Part of me is relieved he's thought of something, part of me is thinking, that's not normal for a 13 yo....or is it?

All his interests so far have been very normal/age appropriate (Thomas, cars, bikes, scooters).

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